What should be paid attention to in mirror installation using toggle bolt?

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What should be paid attention to in mirror installation using toggle bolt?

What should be paid attention to in mirror installation using toggle bolt?

Today, the beautiful person must be inseparable from the installation of various mirrors. How to install the mirror? What problems will be involved in the process of mirror installation?


Mirror installation position


The size and shape of the mirror is closely related to the size and shape of the dressing room. U-shaped dressing room mirror can be hidden behind the door or in the sliding door of the dressing room by toggle bolts for metal studs. The L-shaped dressing room can put the mirror on the third wall without cabinet. If the dressing room is small, you can hide the mirror in the cabinet to save space.

Install a mirror with hollow wall toggle bolts to a wall is appropriate, otherwise it will easy to cause reflection. If the mirror is not beautiful, you can use the decorative fabric at home to make a curtain to cover it up.

Due to the time factors such as the work or rest, some people will install the mirror with spring toggle bolts in the toilet, which originally used in the dressing room or dressing table.


Mirror installation height

 1) Installation height of bathroom mirror

In general, people are often standing in the mirror in the bathroom, so the bathroom mirror along the distance from the ground should be at least 135 cm. If there is a big height gap between family members, you can adjust it by using stainless toggle bolts so that the face is in the middle of the mirror as much as possible.


2) Installation height of the dressing mirror

There is not a fixed size of wardrobe mirror. Different manufacturers also have different sizes of glasses. Generally speaking, you can also customize the size you want. Nowadays, the sizes of the common wearing glasses on the market are mainly 150cm and 120cm high.


Installation skills of mirror


Expansion snap toggle bolts can be used when installing bathroom mirror and attention should be paid to the variety of ceramic tile when drilling. You should use a water drill If it is all ceramic, otherwise it is very easy to crack. Remember not to use acid glass glue if you use glass glue to fix, because acid glass glue usually reacts with the material on the back of the mirror, resulting in mottling of the mirror surface.


The distance between the hooks behind the mirror should be measured before drilling the marks. For ceramic tile walls, you can first drill with a glass drill and then use an impact drill or an electric hammer to drive into a depth of 3 cm. Finally, put in the plastic expansion tube and screw in 3cm drywall toggle bolts.


If you don't want to destroy the wall, you should choose the joint of material freely when drilling and choose the way of drilling with water drill. The bathroom mirror in front of the mirror or side with toggle bolts and butterfly anchor should pay attention to the light. The installation of mirror front lamp should pay attention to produce glare, so the lamp shade can be installed to avoid glare.


About the installation of the mirror, we have introduced the installation height, installation position and installation skills of the mirror. These three aspects are the places we need to pay attention to when installing.

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