Cooperative Partners Information
Our clients is a large home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. 

How Did We Start to Work with Them  ?
Since Hexie Fastener started the online marketing earlier, and our clients were just planning to look for more new high-quality suppliers in 2002, they found our company through the network search, interested in our company's products, and immediately sent an email to contact.
Initial Negotiation 
Through initial contact, the two sides confirmed that the product was reliable and the price was reasonable. After more than one year of communication and negotiation, they went from online to offline, which experienced a relatively long process of efforts. Because we were facing a huge multinational company, so the customer's requirements for suppliers were relatively high, not only the product should be cheaper and qualitative, but also the factory itself was required to pass various acceptance requirements such as social responsibility, anti-terrorism, environmental protection and insurance, so this business was a great challenge for us. But our company seized the opportunity, meet the difficulty, displayed the team spirit, achieved the guest's request step by step, also let the clients see our sincerity and the strength.
The First Order - Team Work  ?
After completing the initial cooperation requirements, the clients began to place a small number of trial orders. To make an order of such a large home improvement retailer, we should not only have good quality and punctual delivery, but also have high standard requirements for the appearance, environmental protection performance and safety factor of the product, as well as guarantee that we must reply to the customer's problems within 24 hours. With close cooperation from all departments, we have continued to learn, strengthened training, put the requirements of our guests first, overcome various difficulties, and finally successfully handed over the first order. 
Big Challenge 
Slowly, we knew how to meet clients needs with the increasing orders. But at the same time, the pressure was also coming. With the increase of quantity, we must prepare enough inventory for the cost of the factory, and bring new challenges to the management of production, purchase and warehouse. We learned to actively cooperate, communicate and coordinate with our clients. At the same time, we negotiated the best plan with customers according to our own actual situation. Finally, we made it!
What We Learn from Working with Large Home Improvement Retailer 
Under the influence of the international environment and the domestic market, the cooperation with customers will often encounter fluctuations. For the sake of their own interests, customers will raise requirements, lower prices, shorten delivery time and so on. Difficulties continue to appear, but we have been constantly learning and becoming more and more experienced. In the process of doing business with such big customer, we keep growing and improving even though we experienced ups and downs, bumps and even crises. In a word, we are more and more confident in treating people with integrity, doing things with heart and focusing more on the anchor industry.
American Wholesaler

Our company insists on participating in professional fastener exhibitions every year, getting to know the counterpart customers at the exhibition, displaying our company's products through the offline platform, understanding the professional market situation, and communicating with the old customers face-to-face. Although the investment in exhibition is huge, we still want our clients to have the chance directly seeing our latest plastic anchors and mechanical anchors.

  • Why do we take part in Fastener Exhibitions every year?
    At the exhibition, our clients could immediately learn a series of substantive information about product quality and materials of plastic anchors and mechanical anchors through exhibits, and further learn about our company's production range and production process through face-to-face conversation. We could also learn more about the direct needs and preferences from our clients. We could have face-to-face contact with good impressions, leaving a good foundation for future contact.
  • How we met our American Wholesaler?
    We came across this purchasing manager at the Fastener Exhibitions. After the exhibition, we kept in touch with each other later. Usually, our clients from exhibition can't go back and place orders immediately. The more complex the process of placing orders for the larger company, the longer the time. This requires us to follow up patiently, keep in touch with him, let customers know our situation and remember us, so once customers have these product needs, they will think of us.
  • What We Learn from Working with American Wholesaler?
    Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. Our patience and efforts were not in vain. After contacting us for a long time, this client finally started to place an order for us. Although the order amount was not large at the beginning, we still took it seriously regardless of the amount. Having an order is the beginning of success. They slowly increased the order quantity from the initial several pallets to 40 foot containers with our hard. In short, patience are important factors in business.




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