What's the Difference between the Six Bookcases Installation?

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What's the Difference between the Six Bookcases Installation?

What's the Difference between the Six Bookcases Installation?

A good study must have a good bookcase for storing books, which can not only meet our practical needs, but also add a trace of color to the study. It is worth noting that different house types are suitable for different bookcases.


Installation Steps of Corner Bookcase

First of all, we need to determine the location of the combination bookcase.

The frame of combination bookcase need to be installed in place, which means that the whole installation is half finished.

Each panel of the bookcase is fixed with glue or hinge after installation.

Install the side panel, top plate and upper panel according to the steps.


Generally speaking, there will be assembly instructions when purchasing combined bookcases and the corresponding installation points have been marked, so all you need to do is to understand the instructions and drawings.


Installation Steps of Combined Bookcase


Like the corner bookcase, the first step in the installation of the combined bookcase is to confirm the installation position.

Each combination bookcase will have its own unique structure, so we need to do a good job of stable protection structure in advance, so as to better carry out the next step of work.

Each panel of the combined bookcase needs to be installed with laminates and fixed.


Installation Steps of Right Angle Bookcase


The main accessories of right angle computer bookcase are slotted hex head wall anchors and plates and the flat mushroom M8 wall anchor acts as a fixed connection between plates.


The eccentric wheel is smashed into the hole reserved in the plate.

Screw to the eccentric wheel and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Put the flat mushroom M8 plastic anchor into the corresponding hole position and then tighten it.


Installation Steps of Shelf Bookcase


Read the installation instructions and assemble each board with screws.

Measure the distance between the two holes on the back with a ruler and mark the exact point on the wall. You can drill with an electric drill, but it should be tilted slightly and pay attention to the depth and spacing of the holes.

Knock the flat mushroom M8 hollow wall anchor into the hole that has just been drilled and try to be flush with the wall.

Hang carbon steel M8 wall anchor on the wall and estimate its weighing capacity to prevent the weight from falling.


Installation Steps of Water Pipe Bookcase


Fix and mark the hole position on the wall with iron base.

Drill holes on the fixed point according to the size of the carbon steel M8 anchor bolt and pay attention to the depth of the hole, which is 2mm deeper than the carbon steel M8 hollow wall anchor in general.

Put the iron base on the fixed hole and start assembling.

Follow the instructions to install it perfectly.


Installation Steps of Wall Mounted Bookcase


The wall mounted bookcase has double corner design, which can be used to prevent wall collision. Its structure is more reasonable and the wood surface has high-quality baking paint, which can extend its use time as far as possible.


Take a soft ruler to measure the distance between the two holes of the shelf partition and the data must be collected accurately.

After marking the installation position on the wall, drill holes with electric drill to install slotted hex head M8 anchor bolts.

When all the preparatory work is finished, you can install the shelf partition and adjust its position slowly until it is as stable as possible.

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