What is the experience of installing a closet behind a TV?

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What is the experience of installing a closet behind a TV?

What is the experience of installing a closet behind a TV?

Although fewer and fewer people watch TV today, my family still retains the position of TV. If there is no TV in the living room, there will always be something missing. It's just that I made some small changes in the design by using installing toggle bolts, such as installing a cabinet at the back of the TV for storage.


Cabinet installing behind the TV


Now many owners will choose the living room design without TV, so the TV is often installed in the bedroom. In order to make full use of the space in the bedroom, the TV cabinet and wardrobe are usually combined together. There is no doubt that this approach is more practical than using separately. Many family TVs will choose to put on the TV cabinet or fix to the wall with steel toggle bolt anchors directly, which is a waste of space. What's the purpose of this design of installing the cabinet behind the TV?


In fact, it is very simple, such as power lines and routers can be hidden in the cabinet without occupying effective space. Similarly, the switch panel can also be hidden. If there is a problem with the line, the TV is equivalent to the cabinet door that can be opened directly. The TV can be supported by spring toggle screws and it is very convenient to repair. In addition, it can avoid the line from falling ash and prolong its service life.


Bookshelf installing behind the TV


There are many designs similar to the cabinet installed behind the TV, such as the bookshelf installed behind the TV. If there is a lack of bookshelves at home, it is also a good way to use the space behind the TV. The utility model has the function of retaining dust, thus reducing the trouble of cleaning the bookshelf. You can try embedded design with butterfly bolts for too many books, which is beautiful and practical. There is no difference between the bookshelf door and the ordinary TV wall after closing two-sides of the cabinet.


Wardrobe installing behind the TV


In addition to the living room, some people will install TV by stainless toggle bolts in their bedrooms. Therefore, combine the TV and the wardrobe may be a suitable choice. If the TV is installed on the sliding door, there will be an additional 10 m2 of storage space in the back. You can hide the TV in the closet and pull it back when you want to use it. This is a magic trick that ordinary people can't think of.


The combination of wardrobe and TV cabinet based on log color will do more drawer design generally, because the space above is connected with the wall cabinet. In fact, the bedroom wardrobe can also be made into the embedded design by using snap toggle bolts, with this white body plus black embellishment will look fashionable.


Dresser installing behind the TV


If the bedroom space is not enough, we can also use the heavy-duty toggle bolts to convert the space under the TV into a dresser. It is very convenient to make up while watching TV.


Generally speaking, the living room can be regarded as a pure reception room or a place for chatting and reading instead of TV. Moving the TV to our bedroom and discussing the plot with our partner before going to bed is definitely a happy thing. Moreover, the cabinet behind the TV with spring toggle bolts can double the storage space, which is absolutely very attractive.

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