What are the Installation Precautions of Invisible Wall Bed?

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What are the Installation Precautions of Invisible Wall Bed?

What are the Installation Precautions of Invisible Wall Bed?

Invisible bed is a good choice for many friends because of its small footprint and special performance. With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the acceleration of work speed, people's rest has become a problem of raising great concern. Therefore, whether people can rest well determines the efficiency of people's work and study.


What is an Invisible Wall Bed?


In recent years, the hidden wall bed appeared in European and American countries and was loved by young people, known as wall-bed. As the name suggests, a hidden wall bed is a bed that is mounted on the wall with M10 lag screw shield anchors and can be hidden. Take the hidden wall bed in China as an example, it usually looks like a wardrobe and it is a standard mattress when the cabinet door is turned down.


Purpose of Invisible Wall Bed


Save space. Large space can be achieved in small houses.

Afternoon gas station. Invisible wall bed used in public institutions or government units can keep people energetic.

It can easily change a single room into a luxury double room or multiple rooms for hotels.


If a 14 square meter bedroom uses a wall bed, it can almost be used as a multi-function hall. After a morning's work and study, white-collar or civil servants consumed a lot of physical and mental energy. Therefore, you must lie in bed for a while to relieve fatigue and supplement physical strength after lunch, so as to have more sufficient physical strength and spirit to put into the work in the afternoon. It's very important to have a bed that can be easily stowed.


Precautions for Installation of Invisible Wall Bed


Do not cut the sheet metal before installing the gas spring.

Please follow the steps to install with flat mushroom M8 wedge anchors.

Please check the size of bed and slotted hex head sleeve anchor before installation.

Do not lead holes when installing mechanism plate.

When installing the gas spring with carbon steel M8 stud anchors, the big end is connected with the bed body and the small end is connected with the mechanism plate to ensure the stability. Also remember to keep the sheet metal for future maintenance.

When installing the gas spring, be sure to fix the bed box to the wall with professional accessories and flat mushroom double expansion anchors.

In order to ensure the safety of use, the installation should be guided by adults and children are strictly prohibited.

The top lock must be installed and locked in time to ensure safety.

When closing the bed, do not hold on to the panel and slotted hex head M10 toggle bolts with your hands to prevent hand pinching.

Do not jump on the bed or stand at the head of the bed.


Customized invisible wall bed with carbon steel heavy duty shield anchors has become a popular choice, but you should not forget the precautions carelessly. At the same time, you should also make clear the classification of invisible wall bed and zinc plated M10 mechanical anchors. Only in this way can you select the right invisible wall bed and install it safely.

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