The most popular TV wall display of home decoration in 2020

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The most popular TV wall display of home decoration in 2020

The most popular TV wall display of home decoration in 2020

There must be a television of your home appliances. If you want to assemble the TV set better with drywall toggle bolts, the TV background wall is essential. It is worth noting that you should remember to choose high-quality stainless toggle bolts to avoid dropping the TV. The decoration owners have put the TV wall design in the first place of home decoration in 2019, because the first thing they see is the background of the TV wall when people go to the living room. If the TV wall design is reasonable, it can make the whole room look more hierarchical, so many people pay special attention to the design of TV wall when decorating. The design style of TV wall has a variety of types, so many owners in the decoration process will not know what style of home decoration TV wall to choose.


The most popular TV wall material classification of home decoration in 2020


If you want your TV wall fixed by spring toggle bolts to be exquisite and show personality at the same time, you must understand the materials used to decorate the TV wall and kinds of toggle bolts at first. The following are the most common materials for TV walls.


1) Wallpaper. As wallpaper has a versatile function, a refreshing TV wallpaper can not only be with the decoration style, but also can achieve the effect of easy cleaning.

2) Wood materials. Wood material is also very common in TV wall decoration, because simple and cheap of wood material is a very big advantage.

3) Metal, glass and marble background materials are also widely used in TV wall decoration.


The most popular TV wall style of home decoration in 2020


1) Modern simple style

Now many young people like modern simple style TV wall, which can make the whole TV wall look bright and not out of tune. Modern simple style of color is usually white and gray based, not too beautiful color generally.


2) Chinese style

Chinese style is undoubtedly the most classic style of home decoration TV wall. In general, the Chinese style adopts wooden materials and wall like structure. Adding cabinets around the TV wall of home decoration and fixed with stainless toggle bolts and butterfly anchor will make the whole style full of antique charm, which is suitable for some people who are slightly older.


3) Natural pastoral style

As a part of the people who are used to the bustling metropolis want to return to the simple natural life, the natural pastoral style has gradually been loved. The general pastoral style will use the new material of artificial culture stone. Its color versatile, sound insulation and other highlights are very suitable for TV background wall.


In a word, the most popular TV walls of home decoration have a common feature in 2019, which is high cost performance. With affordable price decoration out of their own, the beautiful TV wall is the most ideal life of countless people. Small partners with sufficient funds can install wall lamps to assist decoration, which can also achieve twice the result with half the effort. In addition, if you want to buy hollow wall toggle bolts or snap toggle bolts for your home decoration, CIXI HEXIE welcome you to choose online or to negotiate business in the company.

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