Selection and Installation of Stainless Steel Door

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Selection and Installation of Stainless Steel Door

Selection and Installation of Stainless Steel Door

The door is the security of our home. As more and more stainless-steel doors appear in our life, how to choose them becomes a difficult problem for us. At the same time, careful selection of stainless steel anti-theft door and its installation accessories, including M10 lag screw shield anchors, has become the key for the safety of our property.


Stainless Steel Security Door


There are many kinds of anti-theft doors, such as stainless-steel doors and steel doors. Stainless steel security door is made of stainless steel material, so it has excellent anti-theft property and is often used to make entrance door to maintain home safety.


Because of its strong durability and superior security function, the stainless steel anti-theft door can meet the security needs of different occasions, which is the preferred safety protection door for the secret warehouse. However, the quotation positioning of stainless steel anti-theft door is relatively high because of the price factor of stainless steel raw materials, which will not affect the purchase desire of everyone. For shopping malls, the implementation of stainless steel doors and windows is also a major development trend of the door and window profession.


How to Choose Stainless Steel Door?


Stainless steel security door is made of stainless steel plate, which is divided into pure stainless-steel plate door and stainless-steel frame door. Pure stainless-steel door is directly welded with stainless steel plate with thickness of more than 1.5mm. This kind of anti-theft door has compact structure and excellent anti-theft function, but its cost is high. Stainless steel frame door is one of the commonly used anti-theft doors, which is covered with a layer of 0.8mm stainless steel plate and frame points after the steel rectangular tube is welded to the frame. This kind of door usually has some hollow decoration flowers, which is very beautiful.


Stainless steel security door and its corresponding slotted hex head double expansion anchors must have a certificate issued by the relevant testing institutions, so you must carefully check the relevant certificates when purchasing. The thickness of stainless steel anti-theft door plate is usually about 0.8cm and the thickness of door frame plate is not less than 2cm.


Qualified stainless steel anti-theft door frame is embedded with rubber sealing strip to prevent too much noise when closing/opening the door. In addition, you also need to check the appearance of the door, whether the carbon steel M10 wedge anchors between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening and closing is sensitive and whether the appearance is lubricated when purchasing.


Installation and Acceptance of Stainless Steel Security Door


Impact drill, hammer, wire cutter, plumb, level ruler, flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors and hard paper are required for installation of stainless steel anti-theft door.

It is necessary to measure whether the dimension of door opening is consistent with the door frame during acceptance. If the size of the door hole is too large or too small, it should be trimmed.

Put the door frame into the door hole and check with the horizontal ruler.

Drill holes on marked walls with percussion drills and make sure they are smooth.

When installing the carbon steel M8 stud anchors after the frame is put into the door opening, determine that it is flat before fixing other heavy-duty shield anchors.

Put the door leaf on the door frame and check whether the switch is sensitive and whether the lock position is accurate. If there is any abnormality, further adjustment can be made.

After admitting that there are no other problems, use flat mushroom M8 drop-in anchors to fasten them one by one. If possible, the nut and slotted hex head toggle bolt can be welded firmly.

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