Precautions of Living Room Decoration

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Precautions of Living Room Decoration

Precautions of Living Room Decoration

The living room is a very important part of our whole house decoration, because it represents the overall impression and facade of the house. However, you will exert too much force if you don't pay attention to it, resulting in some mistakes that should not be made. The following is a simple sharing of the living room decoration precautions.


Blind installation of chandeliers


Many people think that the dazzling chandelier matches the living room of their home, but have you ever considered your floor height? The height of the general commercial housing is about 2.8m, so it is very inconvenient to install chandeliers.


Too many downlights and spotlights


Now many people like to install a lot of lights with spring toggle bolts in the living room, because it can make the living room light better. With so many lights on, it's not only a waste of electricity, but also look uncomfortable if it's too bright. Therefore, the installation of spotlights should not exceed 4. In addition, the lighting design of the living room can use interactive lighting, such as ceiling lamp + LED light belt + wall lamp.


Too few sockets


Some people think that there are not so many electrical appliances in the living room, so installing too many sockets in the living room will affect the overall beauty. What we need to know is that there will be more and more household appliances in the future, which will lead to the situation that the socket is not enough. We should reasonably arrange the power plug according to the housing area, the design of professional electrician and the actual number of household appliances. In addition, we should reserve some plug to be used for expansion.


Living room storage


Many people think that the living room is not a place to store because of its leisure and entertainment functions. The living room should be properly combined with small toggle bolts to do some combination cabinet to do storage. If you assemble yourself, remember to use drywall toggle bolts instead of ordinary snap toggle bolts.


Choice of sofa


Sofa must be in accordance with their own space to determine the size and then to choose the style. The seat height of sofa should coordinate with the height of tea table and TV cabinet, which directly affects the comfort of our use. Second, you can install a card seat with stainless toggle bolts next to the wall or place a backless bench if you want to arrange more seats in the living room that is not big enough, which can increase storage space.


Living room style


The style of the living room should in accordance with other decoration, or it will not achieve the desired effect. If you need to stick wallpaper in the living room, try to avoid choosing materials with more colors.


Reasonable zoning


When the living room is decorated, its partition must be reasonable. Ceiling, carpet and furniture can be used to divide it into different spaces for better life experience.


Living room floor tile


Compared with the wood floor, the living room floor chooses the ceramic tile more. Because the price gap of floor tiles in the market will be relatively large, we should remember that we can't buy low-cost floor tiles at a low price.


The use of hollow wall toggle bolts, butterfly anchors and other accessories is indispensable in decoration, but these accessories often play an important role in the safety of decoration, so we must identify professional toggle bolts manufacturers. With complete sets of equipment, advanced technical level, first-class products and experienced technicians, the products of HEXIE Fastener Co., Ltd. sell well at home and abroad.

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