Notes on Installation of Hanging Air Conditioner in Living Room

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Notes on Installation of Hanging Air Conditioner in Living Room

Notes on Installation of Hanging Air Conditioner in Living Room

With the rapid development of science and technology, air conditioning began to enter our lives. Some studies have shown that hanging air conditioning is still the most popular form of air conditioning. Therefore, I would like to introduce the installation notes of the hanging air conditioner with slotted hex head M8 mechanical anchors in the living room.


Installation Notice 1 of Hanging Air Conditioner


Before installation, the installation position of indoor unit and outdoor unit shall be determined. The installation position of the indoor unit should be away from the top and wall of the room. The distance should be greater than 15 cm in general, so as to prevent the airflow from being obstructed when the air conditioner is running. The outdoor unit should be located close to the indoor unit as far as possible to reduce the consumption of cooling capacity. The installation space of outdoor unit should be well ventilated and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, M8 lag screw shield anchors and other fasteners used in installation must be of good quality to prevent falling.


Installation Notice 2 of Hanging Air Conditioner


Choose a suitable location for drilling. Before the installation of the air conditioner, holes must be drilled in the wall to fix by zinc plated M8 wedge anchors and connect the indoor and outdoor machines. Therefore, it is necessary to select the external wall suitable for drilling according to the installation position of the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Drilling will be carried out by professional personnel and you should ensure that the inner hole is higher than the outer hole, so as to facilitate the discharge of condensate and prevent rainwater from entering the room through the hole. There should be no wire in the wall where the hole is punched to prevent electric shock.


Installation Notice 3 of Hanging Air Conditioner


When installing the outdoor unit, mark the determined position and fix the mounting bracket of the outdoor unit with carbon steel double expansion anchors. After confirming the position of the indoor unit, put the hanger of the indoor unit on the wall and mark the position to be fixed with pencil. Then holes are drilled in the wall and the bracket is fixed on the wall with zinc plated M8 stud anchors. Finally, connect the copper pipe of the indoor unit and pay attention to wrap it with insulation cotton.


Installation Notice 4 of Hanging Air Conditioner


Put the copper pipe connected to the indoor unit through the air conditioning hole in the room to the outdoor. If the indoor unit of the air conditioner is installed on the rack with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors, there are two clear click sounds, which generally means that the fixation is normal. The indoor unit is close to the wall, so it means that the installation is not correct if there is a gap between the air conditioner and the wall.


Installation Notice 5 of Hanging Air Conditioner


After the indoor unit is installed, the outdoor unit can be installed. The outdoor unit need to be fixed with slotted hex head drop-in anchors, copper pipes and wires. In addition, the machine should be tested to confirm whether the installation is correct and whether the air conditioner can work normally after all installation.


The above content is about the matters needing attention of the hanging air conditioner in the living room, hoping to help you understand the installation knowledge of the hanging air conditioner. If you want to know more about the slotted hex head toggle bolts and other fasteners needed for decoration, please visit

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