Is It Safe to Hang A 60L Water Heater on the Wall with Two Expansion Bolts?

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Is It Safe to Hang A 60L Water Heater on the Wall with Two Expansion Bolts?

Is It Safe to Hang A 60L Water Heater on the Wall with Two Expansion Bolts?

For the general family, they often choose 50liters or 60liters water storage type water heater, which directly fixed on the wall. There are two installation hooks on the back of the water heater, which can be directly fixed with the wall with M8 lag screw shield anchors. But is it safe to use only two expansion bolts and no bracket?


Function Principle of Expansion Bolt


The working principle of the zinc plated double expansion anchors is to expand the casing and tighten it with the wall by friction. When we use a wrench to tighten the nut, the slotted hex head expansion anchors will move with the nut and the sleeve is fixed, so the big end of the nut will open the sleeve. After the casing expands, it plays an expanding role and it will squeeze closely with the wall.


Stress Value of Expansion Bolt

According to the different models, the bearing capacity of flat mushroom M10 expansion anchors is also very different. Expansion bolts are not recommended for substrates other than brick and concrete walls.


The weight of a 60liter electric water heater consists of two parts: the weight of water and the weight of the water heater itself. The weight of the water heater is about 75 kg after it is filled with water. The general slotted hex head wedge anchor can bear 60liter electric water heater completely, because the tensile force value or shear force value is far greater than this value.


How to Install Wall Mounted Water Heater with Expansion Bolt?

For brick and concrete walls, there is no problem using tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors to install storage water heaters. However, many high-rise buildings are built after the wall, using hollow brick or aerated concrete block. In light wall materials, expansion bolts cannot play a real role, which is what we need to pay attention to. Therefore, we must first clarify our wall type. If we find that the wall of our toilet is hollow brick or aerated block and we plan to install electric water heater, we must determine the installation position of electric water heater in advance and we can use the following three methods to deal with it.


The first method is to remove the original wall in the area where the water heater is installed.

The second method is to confirm the installation position of water heater and the installation range of M10 flat mushroom mechanical anchor in advance. After the hole is chiseled out, the concrete is used to fill it.

The third method is to reserve the electric water heater in advance and embed the bracket provided by the manufacturer to the corresponding position.


In a word, the installation of electric water heater is fixed by flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts and two installation hooks reserved at the back of electric water heat. There is no problem in installing electric water heater with expansion bolt, but we need to pay attention to more than it. The wall of electric water heater installation is also very noteworthy, which means that different walls should be treated in advance and cannot be installed blindly.

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