How to Use Wall Anchors on Ecological Wood?

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How to Use Wall Anchors on Ecological Wood?

How to Use Wall Anchors on Ecological Wood?

Due to its characteristics of environmental protection and convenient installation, ecological wood is a very common decoration material at present, but many people do not know the decoration method when using ecological wood. If the operation is improper, it is easy to affect the later service life. In addition, the maintenance of ecological wood should be paid attention to.


Ecological Wood Decoration Method


The main construction materials of ecological wood include 125 waterproof floor, 30x12 floor closing line, outdoor waterproof keel, M8 lag screw shield anchor and flat mushroom M10 toggle bolt. The decoration steps are as follows.


Clean the ground and ensure that the ground is flat, dry and free of oil,

Special keels should be placed and the distance between them should be less than 400mm,

Fix the keel with M6 zinc plated double expansion anchors and the spacing of slotted hex head wall board anchors shall be less than 300 mm,

The surface in contact with the ground shall be covered with waterproof building glue to ensure the stability of keel,

Fix the floor on the waterproof keel with slotted hex head stud anchors and the tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor must be flat with the board surface,

The second floor is inserted into the fixed first floor and an expansion joint of 1 mm is reserved at the joint,

When the floor is paved to the last block, 4*40mm flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors are used to fix the surface and 30*12 wood strips are horizontally paved,

Fix it on the base keel with 4*40mm flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors,

Clean surface stains after floor spreading.


Maintenance Methods of Ecological Wood

There are different maintenance methods for ecological wood in each situation.


Ecological wood interior floor is generally fireproof board surface, which has high water resistance and low flexibility. The maintenance of this kind of indoor floor is generally to remove the surface stains and the detergent and water can be mixed and sprayed on the floor for cleaning. The water-proof property means that part of the water poured onto the floor is not a problem.

Ecological wood bathroom floor is generally 300x300 assembled floor, which has good anti-skid, decoration and waterproof effect. Because it is easy to leave hair and other garbage, so you can turn each small floor upside down when it is clear. Hook up with wire and rinse with water.

Ecological wood outdoor floor is divided into PVC ecological wood outdoor floor and PE ecological wood outdoor floor. PVC ecological wood board outside the room is protected by the surface, so the effect is better. When there is a large amount of oil stains, you need to use detergent mixed water and cloth to wipe to remove surface stains. The outdoor weather resistance of PE ecological wood outdoor floor is higher and the hardness of non-foaming products is higher. In the case of dirty outdoor applications, water cleaning is a simple way. In case of serious stains, sandpaper can be used for grinding.

Because the ecological trees are connected in the way of plug-in, so the damaged parts can be replaced.

In a word, it is very important to prepare materials and pay attention to the installation steps when carrying out ecological wood decoration. In addition, ecological wood should pay more attention to maintenance methods in daily use, which can enhance the service life of ecological wood.

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