How to Use Nylon Fishlike Anchor to Hang Bathtub Shower Door?

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How to Use Nylon Fishlike Anchor to Hang Bathtub Shower Door?

How to Use Nylon Fishlike Anchor to Hang Bathtub Shower Door?

If you're tired of mold accumulating at the bottom of the bathtub curtain and the white mineral streaks that stain the rest of the bath, you may find that sliding doors don't have this problem at all. These doors, made of toughened glass, are easy to keep clean and can be wiped with a scraper. You can use some slotted hex head plastic toggle anchors and woodworking tools to complete the installation by yourself, but you need to note that tempered glass is sensitive to impact and may break accidentally.


Installation Steps of Bathtub Shower Door


Measure the opening from the wall to the bathtub with a tape measure and purchase the appropriate sliding door kit and slotted hex head plastic anchors.

Use beautiful texture paper tape to glue the wall edge of the suit temporarily to the opposite wall of the shell and measure the distance between them. Cut the track at the bottom into equal lengths with a hacksaw.

Place the bottom rail in place at the edge of the bucket and adjust it so that the edge is the same distance from the outside of the bucket. Use a pencil to draw a line along the outer edge of the bottom track and delete it.

Apply a strip of silicone sealant to the bottom surface of the track along both edges. Press down to ensure that the caulking forms a seal after place the track back into the bathtub and wait for 12 hours to ensure that the sealant sets.

After remove the tape from one of the walls, straighten it horizontally and the bottom should touch the bathtub. Screw through each hole to secure the door frame to the M8 split ribbed plastic anchor. The head of the flat mushroom M8 nylon fishlike anchor should be covered with a rubber plug to protect the shower door. If the wall is tile, flat mushroom nylon wall anchors need to be installed.

After marking the holes with a pencil, remove the door frame and use an electric drill to drill a hole in each mark to install the M8 tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors. Tap the flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt into each hole with a hammer.

Measure the distance between the outside of the top of the door frame, which should be the same as the distance between the walls. After cutting and measuring the top rail, place it on the door frame and pull it down until it clicks into place.

Install slideways, handles and other hardware on the door according to the attached instructions.

Install the door from the outside of the bathtub. After hanging the inner door, tilt the bottom toward you and hang the hook on the track further away from you. Swing the door slightly to the vertical position and install the outer door with tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors in the same way.


What You Need When You Are Install Bathtub Shower Door?


tape measure

masking tape


Silicone sealant


drill bit

Masonry bit

M8 tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors



Warning of Bathtub Shower Door Installation


The toughened glass is fragile. If you knock the glass door with a hammer or over tighten the hardware, it may cause breakage. You may get a few minor cuts, but not get any major injuries.

Do not cut off the wall edges as the dimensions have been adjusted to match the door.

Spread silicone sealant along both edges of the bottom track and wall border to prevent water from damaging the bathtub or wall.

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