How to Repair the Gypsum Board with Plastic Anchors?

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How to Repair the Gypsum Board with Plastic Anchors?

How to Repair the Gypsum Board with Plastic Anchors?

Gypsum board is a durable wall and it usually leaves only powdery plaster and a hole for repair when screws are screwed directly into the drywall. If the studs cannot be found in the correct position to secure the device, slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchor will need to be installed.


Loose Plastic Anchors


Slotted hex head plastic anchors are cheap and they expand against the drywall to work as you screw in the screws. However, if you apply a moderate outward force, it's easy to pull it out of the wall. A simple maintenance method is to replace it with a larger conical anchor, but the problem of easy sliding cannot be changed. A more effective solution is to replace it with a flat mushroom M8 mechanic anchor, which is clamped to the back of the gypsum board to provide additional fixation.


Install Stronger Anchors


Before replacing flat mushroom M8 loose plastic anchors with strong ones, it is best to estimate the weight they need to support. The flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt can bear the maximum weight, but it is actually permanent. If you only install the towel rail, the plastic screw is easier to install and remove. You only need to screw it into the remaining hole with a cross screwdriver and widen the hole with a drill bit to install the sleeve for the M8 tie-wire loose plastic anchors.


Move to Stud Anchors


Gypsum boards are fragile, so anchors can break the wall if you hang heavy supports with M8 tie-wire metal anchor bolts. Moving the mount to the front of the stud provides the clamping force required to screw into the wood. You can cut through the broken section with a knife and install a new drywall. If you cannot change the installation location, you need another solution.


Plywood Reinforcement


One way to reinforce the damaged gypsum board mounting parts is to cut out the broken gypsum board and make a rectangular hole. Pass a piece of plywood through the hole and screw it to the back of the gypsum board. It gives you a wooden surface where you can tighten the mounting and distribute the weight of the fixture over a large area of the wall. You just need to cover the plywood with drywall and then paste it with adhesive tape. The last thing you need to do is tighten the mounting bracket and you can choose to move the mount slightly to keep it in the same position.


Due to various reasons, problems related to gypsum board often occur. For example, the looseness of gypsum board is often the result of incorrect application of tape and high humidity; the appearance of air bubbles is generally due to insufficient space between the tape under the gypsum board slurry and the gypsum board sheet. It is easy to repair a small area of gypsum board, but it is better to ask a professional for help if a large area needs to be repaired, which can make the repair work effectively completed.

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