How to Install Toilet Lockers with Anchor Bolts?

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How to Install Toilet Lockers with Anchor Bolts?

How to Install Toilet Lockers with Anchor Bolts?

If you have difficulty in finding enough storage space in a small bathroom (or even a bathroom that may not be that small), consider using flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts to hang the wall mounted storage unit above the toilet. This space is often forgotten, but now there is a good opportunity to transform it into storage space, which will also enhance visual interest. The locker in the toilet room is a simple DIY project, which is an excellent place to store toiletries, excess toilet paper, wet tissue, feminine hygiene products and other items that need to be stored. Here are the detailed steps for DIY toilet lockers.


Mark the Location of Lockers


The first step is to determine the exact location to place the storage unit or cabinet. Raise the storage unit above the toilet to help you determine the correct height and use a level gauge to make sure the device is perpendicular to the floor. Draw a straight line with a pencil at the bottom and make other pencil marks on the mounting hole on the storage unit.


If your storage unit is heavy, make a template on scratch paper and use it to determine the best location.


Check the Toggle Bolts


Ideally, a new cabinet or storage unit will be installed on the slotted hex head stud anchor in the wall. If the cabinet does not have pre-drilled mounting holes, you can make sure to touch the flat mushroom M10 stud anchors by carefully measuring and drilling holes where necessary. However, this is almost impossible because the storage cells provided by the factory have pre-drilled holes. Many DIY projects require a finder for zinc plated double expansion anchors, so you can consider purchasing one if you do not have. The following are the steps to check the M8 lag screw shield anchors


Grasp the finder and open it.

Run the finder along the wall and verify that the mounting marks fall on the M8 zinc plated stud anchors.

If your tags are missing studs, you will need to use elbow bolts instead of screws to hang the storage unit.


Install the Toilet Compartment


In order to make the installation of your toilet rack easier, please drill some guide holes in the wall first. After drilling holes, fix the cabinet or storage unit in the correct position to ensure that it is aligned with your previous mark and is positioned at the correct height. To secure it firmly to the flat mushroom M10 wall board anchors, use 2 to 3inch wood screws to install it.


If you are hanging the storage unit on a wall without toggle bolts, use tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors instead of screws to secure the cabinet. HEXIE ANCHOR believes that a 3/8-inch elbow bolt can hold up to 50 pounds in a 1/2-inch gypsum board.


You should put the washing machine inside the cabinet or storage unit, which is opposite to you. After fold the flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchor and push it through the mounting hole in the storage unit, you will hear a click as it passes through the wall and opens on the other side. Screw the toggle bolt into the correct position and gently pull it in its own direction to ensure that the mechanical anchor is flush with the interior of the wall.

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