How to Install Pedestal Sink Using Anchor Bolt?

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How to Install Pedestal Sink Using Anchor Bolt?

How to Install Pedestal Sink Using Anchor Bolt?

Elegant and simple pedestal bathroom sink is the best choice for small bathrooms. These streamlined sinks can be quite beautiful to look at and have a small footprint to help the compact space feel more open. To achieve this, they sacrificed storage space, leaving behind the bathroom dresser cabinets and drawers. Like all bathroom equipment, the basin has its pros and cons, which you should consider before committing. Before installation, you need to prepare some tools, such as electric drill, custom hot sale anchor bolts, etc.



The Construction of a Pedestal Sink

It's important to understand what the pedestal sink really means before choosing it. Yes, it's a sink basin, sitting on a pillar or pedestal. But in this case, appearances are deceptive. 


Many people think that the pedestal supports the weight of the sink. However, this is not true. The pedestal is decorative rather than structural, and most of the weight of the pedestal is actually supported by the structural wood on your wall.


If you are ready to make a complete renovation of your bathroom or feel confident about your DIY ability, a pedestal sink is still a good choice. 



The Installation of a Pedestal Sink

Before you begin to install the pedestal sink, be sure to complete all related items. If you want to replace an old dresser with a pedestal sink, you may need to replace mismatched or damaged floor tiles. In addition, you may need to replace some wall tiles. If the existing floor is soft or sticky, you need to replace it. 


When you are ready to install the pedestal sink, you must first determine the height of the sink. Next, you need to drill two holes in the bathroom wall, install fast delivery anchors for sheet metal in the holes, and install a 2x8 wood support block between the two useful stainless steel wall anchor screws. After that, you need to adjust the drain of the pedestal sink, repair the holes in the wall, and install the sink mounting bracket, which is fixed to the wood support block. 


According to the sink manufacturer's instructions, you need to hang the sink on the mounting bracket. Connect the pipe and install the pedestal in place. When everything is properly aligned, you need to use new design durable nylon nail anchors to secure the pedestal to the floor and then the hollow wall anchors with screws to secure the sink to the wall. 



Installation requirements of pedestal sink

1. The pedestal sink shall be flat and free from cracks and damages. The drain bolt shall have overflow hole with diameter not less than 8mm.


2. When connecting the drain bolt and the pedestal sink, the overflow hole of the drain bolt should be aligned with the overflow hole of the pedestal sink as far as possible to ensure the smooth flow of the overflow part. After connecting, the upper end face of the drain bolt should be lower than the bottom of the pedestal sink. 


3. Plastic plug white self-drill plastic nylon drywall anchors with a diameter of not less than 6 mm can be used to fix the pedestal, but if the wall is made of hollow bricks, do not use plastic wall plug with fixing nails. 


The above is a full introduction to the installation of the pedestal sink. During installation, you can use plastic nylon wall and plastic ceiling wedge anchors to secure the pedestal sink. Please visit our website to find out the features of various high precision wall plug anchors. 

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