How to Install Indoor Swing Chair with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

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How to Install Indoor Swing Chair with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

How to Install Indoor Swing Chair with Heavy Duty Shield Anchors?

Many people like the indoor swing chair, because such a special object represents a full of memories. No amount of childhood toys can compare to the feeling of flying on a swing. Now you can install indoor swing chairs with M8 heavy duty shield anchors in the house. Don't you want to try?


Survey Boreholes

Measure and drill holes before installing the indoor swing chair with M8 tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors. The location of drilling holes should be determined in advance to ensure that each hole can be arranged horizontally, which can ensure the stability of indoor swing chair in the future. In addition, make a mark on both ends of the wood tip before drilling, which means that make a simple mark about two inches from the end of both ends. Then, you can start drilling with an electric drill.


Frame Making

Before making the frame of indoor swing chair, use sandpaper to polish and smooth the position of wood tip. Pass through two thin wooden tips between two thick ones, so as to complete the frame of indoor swing chair. But it should be noted that the size must be accurate as far as possible. For example, one inch of length should be reserved at both ends of the top of the wood. The slotted hex head heavy duty shield anchors are installed in the cross position and the slotted hex head metal anchor bolts are embedded to fix the swing frame, which means that the whole indoor swing chair has been made. The frame is nailed to a higher position with the angle determined in advance with flat mushroom M8 heavy duty shield anchors.


Swing Weaving


When making a swing, you need to find a bundle of rope of moderate thickness and cut the rope to the length needed. Each rope should be kept at about 26 inches in length and a total of 16 ropes are required. After take the rope out for comparison, loop the rope around the end of the swing and tighten it from top to bottom. Then, other ropes were tied to the frame and wound in turn. Maybe you can't believe the complete swing is done now.


It is not very difficult to install the indoor swing chair with flat mushroom metal anchor bolts, but the aesthetic effect and practical effect are really good. It will not only make the indoor look more comfortable and personalized, but also very creative. If you make a circular indoor swing chair, your whole body will feel hugged and very secure when sitting in it. In addition, as long as you choose reliable products and accessories, you don't have to worry about the safety of indoor swing chair.


If you need tie-wire metal anchor bolts to install your indoor swing chair, be sure to choose a high-quality supplier, which is the guarantee of safety performance. CIXI HEXIE ANCHOR will live up to your trust because it is a professional export manufacturer of flat mushroom M8 toggle bolts.

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