How to Install Glass Window Simply and Quickly?

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How to Install Glass Window Simply and Quickly?

How to Install Glass Window Simply and Quickly?

The great function of windows is to realize the circulation of indoor air and supply natural light. In the decoration of the house, the installation of windows with carbon steel lag screw shield anchors and other parts is also a necessary process.


Floor Glass Window Geomantic Omen


Feel Hollow Under the Feet When You Are Standing on the Balcony Floor Glass


Nowadays, many houses built by builders often connect their bedrooms or living rooms with balconies, which makes them feel larger and brighter. This is a good thing, but some builders often make the balcony into a vertical floor glass wall by using slotted hex head drop-in anchors in order to show that they can enjoy the scenery better and let users feel like they are in a seaside villa, which may damage the pattern. Because home is different from public places in hotels, what it wants is a secret space. Therefore, the common glass installation such as hotel and bar is not suitable for home.


You Need Something Solid to Keep Out the Wind and Rain


In fact, the balcony floor glass also violates the traditional geomantic omen. Just imagine that the wind and rain are all protected by glass. In the long run, this will make people in the living room feel insecure. After all, the meaning of home is to be warm, peaceful and weather proof. If only rely on glass to block the wind and rain, it will make people feel insecure and have a sense of crisis. This will not only affect the financial situation, but also damage the health. Because the living room is a place for family activities, it has an impact on everyone living here.


How to Install Glass Window Simply and Quickly


(1) The width of the glass partition wall and the limit groove at the top of 1. the door shall be 2 ~ 4mm larger than the glass thickness and the groove depth shall be between 20 ~ 30mm for glue injection. Two metal decorative board edge lines can be drawn out by snapping lines and the limit groove at the top of the door frame can be installed according to the side lines. The wood base plate in the notch is used to adjust the groove depth, so the base plate can be increased or reduced for adjustment.

(2) Install metal facing wood base with zinc plated M10 stud anchors. Nail square wood on the original embedded wood brick or nail square wood through carbon steel double expansion anchor. Fix the square wood on the ground and then glue the metal veneer to the wood. Aluminum alloy square pipe can be fixed on the frame column with aluminum angle or fixed on the wood brick embedded in the ground with carbon steel M10 toggle bolts.

(3) Install the vertical door frame with slotted hex head mechanical anchors. Nail the square timber of the door frame according to the snapping line and then determine the overall size and position of the door frame column with plywood (note that the size of decorative surface should be subtracted). Finally, the metal decorative surface should be wrapped. The heavy-duty shield anchor shall be fixed according to the design standard. When wrapping, the joint of the facing end should be placed in the middle of both sides of the installation glass and the joint position must be vertical. 

(4) Glass installation. Use a glass suction cup (or glass suction cup machine) to hold the thick glass tightly. Hold the suction cup to lift the thick glass plate and move it to the installation site for preparation. 

(5) Glass fixation. A 4mm gap should be left in the thick glass plate and universal glue should be applied on the flat square wood to clamp the metal plate on the square wood and two flat square wood strips. Be careful not to let the carbon steel M8 wedge anchor at the installation place knock against the glass and break it.

(6) Glass glue sealing. Glass glue is injected into the gap on both sides of the top root slot, on both sides of the bottom support glass notch and at the butt joint of thick glass and door frame column.

(7) Glass butt joint. As the width is too large, the fixed part of the thick glass plate must be assembled with two or more pieces. When two pieces of glass are aligned and spliced, a joint must be formed and a distance of 2-3mm should be left between the two pieces of glass. After the glass is fixed, the glass glue should be injected into the gap and the plastic sheet should be used to scrape the glue to form a clean and uniform line.

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