How to Install Balcony Iron Railing with Toggle Bolts?

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How to Install Balcony Iron Railing with Toggle Bolts?

How to Install Balcony Iron Railing with Toggle Bolts?

Most people will install iron railings on the balcony, which not only has a beautiful effect, but also can protect our lives and property safety with our families. Do you know how to use toggle bolts for metal studs to install balustrade?


1. Positioning


After arriving at the construction site, the products including embedded parts, flat mushroom stainless toggle bolts and protective railings shall be accurately installed in place according to the position and size specified in the drawings, while the elevation and vertical flatness shall be determined. Attention must be paid to positioning according to requirements and drawing design requirements to ensure that the acceptance specifications are met.


2. Installation of Embedded Parts


The installation of embedded parts and M10 lag screw shield anchors shall be accurately positioned according to the design requirements of drawings and the actual situation of the construction site, so as to avoid not being on a parallel line.


3. Location of Embedded Distance


The standard lines provided in indoor railings shall be installed horizontally. In addition, the embedded spacing shall be installed and positioned according to the number of stair steps and the design requirements of drawings.


4. Positioning and Setting Out


According to the design requirements, the spacing, position, slope and elevation of the fixed parts shall be corrected and the longitudinal line of the railing and the position line of the grid shall be popped.


5. Installation of the Fixings


The fixed parts shall be installed by punching holes according to the position line of the fixed parts and each fixed part shall not be fixed with less than two zinc plated double expansion anchors. The size, specification and size of the iron parts for welding vertical pole shall meet the design requirements. After passing the inspection, the vertical pole can be welded.


6. Vertical Pole Welding


When welding the vertical pole, the position lines of upper and lower poles shall be set out. The vertical flatness of each main vertical pole shall be checked by positioning and then welded by sections. The welded joints shall meet the design requirements and construction specifications. Do not forget to clean up the welding flux and carry out anti rust treatment after welding.


7. Installation of Stone Cover Plate


When the whole stone is installed with zinc plated M10 wedge anchors at the railing, the stone shall be set on the vertical pole according to the position of the vertical pole after welding. The size of the stone opening should ensure that the flange of the railing can be covered tightly and cement mortar should be used when installing the cover plate. The most direct function of fixing stone is to strengthen the stability of vertical bar railing.


8. Installation of Embedded Parts and Iron Railings


The installation of embedded parts and iron railings with slotted hex head stud anchors must be firm and the installation deviation shall meet the national regulations and design requirements: the straightness of handrail is less than 3 mm, the perpendicularity is less than 3 mm, the spacing error of railings is less than 3 mm, the diagonal error is less than 3 mm, the vertical error of embedded parts is less than 3 mm and the level error is less than 3 mm.


9. Operation of Twice Antirust Paint


After the installation and positioning of embedded parts are accurate, two layers of antirust paint shall be applied and the iron railing shall be installed.


10. Surface Consistency Treatment


After the balcony and protective railing are installed with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors, the joint part shall be polished smooth and painted with two layers of antirust paint. After acceptance, the surface of protective railings shall be treated uniformly.


We must strictly follow its steps when using slotted hex head mechanical anchors to install balcony railings, so as to avoid some troublesome problems in the future.

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