Do You Know How to Install Switch Socket with Plastic Anchors?

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Do You Know How to Install Switch Socket with Plastic Anchors?

Do You Know How to Install Switch Socket with Plastic Anchors?

Modern home life is inseparable from electricity. Switches and sockets are often used as electrical accessories in our daily life. We should pay close attention to their safety and durability. Only by installing qualified switch socket with M6 lag screw shield anchors or flat mushroom M6 stud anchors can the convenience and safety of household electricity be ensured.


Switch Socket Preparation


Switch socket is commonly used in daily life of electrical accessories and it is recommended that owners choose well-known brand products. The price of brand products is often high, but excellent technology and perfect service can ensure that consumers can use it at ease. Most brands can make warranty commitment to consumers and the product packaging should have clear manufacturer address, telephone number, use instructions and certificate.


Installation Accessories Preparation


Before installing the switch socket, we can prepare enough accessories according to the installation requirements, such as zinc plated double expansion anchors, plastic expansion pipes and galvanized screws, which can be purchased in regular hardware stores. HEXIE ANCHOR is an old quality store specialized in selling slotted hex head stud anchors and flat mushroom M6 toggle bolts, which has a wide range of categories and has won the favor of customers.


Installation Tool Preparation


Before installation, special installation tools should be prepared, such as tape measure, level ruler, wire drop, electric drill, taper insulating gloves and wire stripper.


Installation Conditions


The installation of switch socket needs to meet certain operation conditions and it is required to start after the wall and wallpaper decoration work are completed. All circuit pipes have been laid and remote insulation measurement has been completed. During operation, the weather shall be sunny, the house shall be ventilated and the power supply of the electric box shall be cut off.


Cleaning of Switch Socket Bottom Box


Since the switch socket is installed late, a large amount of dust will be accumulated in the bottom box for a long time. Before installation, clean the bottom box of switch socket, especially the dust and impurities in the box. Use a wet cloth to wipe the dust in the box, tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors and other accessories to prevent special impurities from affecting the use of the circuit.


Power Line Processing


The wire core shall be cut after the wire in the box shall be reserved for maintenance length and the wire core shall not be damaged. Coil the wire clockwise on the terminal corresponding to the switch or socket and the wire core shall not be exposed.


Three Wire Connection Method of Socket


The live wire is connected to one of the two holes of the switch and the insulated wire is connected from the other hole. The zero line is directly connected to the N hole in the three holes of the socket, while the ground wire is directly connected into the E hole in the three holes of the socket. If the zero line and ground wire are wrongly connected, there will be tripping phenomenon when using electrical appliances.


Fixed Installation of Switch Socket


Firstly, the wire thrown out of the box is penetrated through the outlet hole of the plastic table and then the plastic table is closely attached to the wall. After fixing on the box with slotted hex head plastic toggle anchors, thread the wires through the wire holes of the switch socket according to their respective positions and press them firmly. Finally, stick the switch or socket on the plastic table and fix the decorative panel on the back cover with flat mushroom M6 mechanical anchors.

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