Design and Installation of Fresh Air System

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Design and Installation of Fresh Air System

Design and Installation of Fresh Air System

In real estate projects, the fresh air system should be installed before delivery, which means that the construction process requires detailed installation instructions in the design drawings.


Design Principle of Fresh Air System


The definition of fresh air path air flow direction must be scientific, reasonable and sequential.

Determine the minimum indoor fresh air volume to meet people's needs in daily work and rest.

Define fresh air time to ensure the continuity of fresh air. Continuous ventilation is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Construction and Installation of Fresh Air System in Real Estate Project


Preparation Before Construction


Preparation before construction includes supply of goods, appointment of construction time and on-site construction disclosure. After the delivery is completed, the construction supervisor will make an appointment with the customer to determine the specific construction time according to the information.


Hoisting of Main Engine


The main engine is the core part of the fresh air system, the power source that plays a role and the only part that may cause noise. The main engine should be installed firmly and horizontally. The suspender slotted hex head stud anchor must be provided with anti-loosening and damping measures to ensure safety and without vibration.


Pipeline Layout


In the installation process of a fresh air system, the pipeline layout is a very important part.


When the hanger and bracket are fixed with carbon steel M10 toggle bolts (including flat mushroom lag screw shield anchors), the technical conditions for using slotted hex head wedge anchors shall be met.

The inner wall of the pipeline connected with the main engine shall be kept smooth and straight and the use of elbows shall be reduced to reduce resistance;

The position of accessories, shooting nails or carbon steel M8 mechanical anchors (including carbon steel double expansion anchors) of air duct shall be installed correctly and in place. In addition, the embedded parts shall be degreased and shall not be painted.

The accessories must be complete when installing the flat mushroom heavy-duty shield anchor and the suspender should be rotated until the carbon steel M8 drop-in anchor is fully opened. The length of the suspender should be based on the lower plane of the ceiling and the data can be obtained by subtracting the thickness of the ceiling, the length of the air duct and the pipe clamp.


Tuyere Installation


The air outlet is divided into two forms: side exhaust and direct exhaust. The air outlet should be installed firmly and the air outlet should be close to the wall or ceiling. The outdoor rainproof part of the intake air can be fixed with waterproof glass glue (waterproof foam glue for special use), but the direction cannot be tilted to avoid affecting the rain protection effect.


Controller Installation


The power line and electrical components selected in the host installation must be products with compulsory certification by the state.

According to the specified requirements, different colors of lines shall be used for line phase line, zero line and protective grounding line (connecting to neutral line).


Site Cleaning after Construction


After the installation, the construction personnel should pile up the garbage generated in the construction and clean it out timely and thoroughly.

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