Construction Scheme and Installation Instructions of Automatic Fire Alarm System

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Construction Scheme and Installation Instructions of Automatic Fire Alarm System

Construction Scheme and Installation Instructions of Automatic Fire Alarm System

The construction of automatic fire alarm system includes pipeline laying, pipeline crossing, bridge laying, bridge installation, detector installation, manual alarm button installation, module installation, system grounding device installation.


Pipeline Laying


The wires from the junction box to the detector base box, control equipment box and speaker box shall be protected by metal hose.

Plastic pipe into the box should be fixed with flat mushroom plastic toggle anchors.

Separate fixtures shall be used to fix them when laying all kinds of pipelines.

The external conductor of fire control equipment shall use metal hose as casing and it should be fixed with slotted hex head sleeve anchors. The junction box of metal hose and fire control equipment shall be grounded according to piping regulations after being fixed by flat mushroom lag screw shield anchors.


Pipeline Crossing


Before threading in the pipe or groove, the sundries in the pipe or groove should be removed. After the pipeline is cleaned, blow a small amount of talcum powder into the pipe to facilitate threading.

The transmission lines of fire detectors shall use insulated conductors or cables of different colors. The positive "+" line is red and the negative "-" line is blue or black. The color of wires for the same purpose shall always be consistent and the terminal blocks shall be labeled.


Bridge Laying and Installation


When the bridge is horizontally laid, the support span is generally 1.5-2m, while the fixed spacing of carbon steel double expansion anchors is not more than 2m when the bridge is vertically laid.

The position error of the bracket and hanger of the bridge should be strictly controlled to prevent the longitudinal deviation from suspending the installed bridge at the support point and not directly contacting with the support and hanger.

The terminal plate shall be used at the end of the cable bridge and the carbon steel M10 wedge anchors of the connecting plate of the cable bridge shall be tightened.

All kinds of pipelines laid in the ceiling shall be hoisted or fixed by carbon steel M8 stud anchors with separate fixtures and remember not to attach to the ceiling support.

The diameter of the suspender for hoisting trunking shall not be less than 6mm.

Compensation measures should be taken when the pipeline passes through the deformation joint of the building. Both sides of the conductor crossing the deformation joint shall be fixed by zinc plated M8 heavy duty shield anchors with appropriate allowance.


Installation of Detector and Manual Alarm Button


The edges of all openings in the terminal box shall be protected with rubber skin to prevent damage to wires and cables. The terminal box is fixed on the wall with zinc plated M10 mechanical anchors.

In the terminal box, the line aligner is used to number the wires and then a certain margin is reserved for the wires. Before crimping, the insulation of conductor shall be measured by shake test and the wire shall be pressed according to the design and manufacturer's requirements.


Module Installation


The modules used in automatic fire alarm system include input module and input/output module. The function of the input module is to collect the switch signal of the monitored equipment into the alarm circuit. The input/output module controls the corresponding controlled equipment according to the fire alarm signal to realize the corresponding action and feedback the action signal to the fire alarm host.


Installation of System Grounding Device


The working grounding wire shall be copper core insulated conductor or cable and must be separated from the protective wire. All contact surfaces of protective earthing conductors shall be cleaned before connection.

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