Can Toggle Bolts Be Used for the Installation of Toilet Safety Handrails?

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Can Toggle Bolts Be Used for the Installation of Toilet Safety Handrails?

Can Toggle Bolts Be Used for the Installation of Toilet Safety Handrails?

With the improvement of our quality of life, we also attach great importance to home safety. For the elderly residents, home is one of the most important places for them to take part in activities. At the same time, it has become a place where accidents such as falls often occur. In order to reduce the incidence of falls of the elderly as much as possible, many families have installed safety handrails with slotted hex head lag screw shield anchors in the bathroom.


Installation Material Preparation of Toilet Safety Handrail

The accessories to be prepared for installing safety armrest include aluminum alloy, rigid PVC panel, anti-collision strip, elbow, bracket, flat mushroom double expansion anchors and elbow fixing screw.


The necessary tools for installing the armrest include aluminum alloy cutting machine, impact drill (with M12 drill bit), electric hand drill (with M6 drill bit), grinding machine, 10 socket wrench, 14 socket wrench, art knife, tape measure, scissors, pencil, marking pen and hammer, etc.


Installation Steps of Toilet Safety Armrest


Measure and mark important positions. According to the height requirements of the safety handrail, measure the distance between the bottom and the top of the wall and mark the positions of two flat mushroom M10 expansion anchors on the wall,

Mounting bracket and flat mushroom M8 stud anchor,

Installation of handrails,

Test whether the armrest is firmly installed,

Clean and tidy up.


Installation Function of Toilet Safety Handrail

It is necessary to increase the safety armrest with the help of carbon steel heavy duty shield anchors in the toilet, squatting toilet, shower room and bathtub. If there is an accident, you can hold the handrail for help, which can help the host stand upright and can have a borrow part to avoid falling. Especially for families with old people, children or pregnant women, safety handrails should be installed by carbon steel M10 mechanic anchors. Because you don't know when you may fall, so installing safety armrest can reduce the risk as much as possible, which is very convenient for home life.


Because the toilet armrest is for the elderly or frail people to use, the most important is the safety performance. In addition, the handrail should be firmly installed with carbon steel M10 drop-in anchors and should be able to bear the weight of the body, the shape of which should be easy to grasp.


It must be ensured that the safety armrest is firmly installed and thick, because the safety armrest that bends with the increase of use times cannot play any protective role. In addition, the safety armrest can be used to hang towels or light clothes. Therefore, the process of installation must be carefully checked and the quality of slotted hex head M8 toggle bolts and other accessories cannot be ignored. CIXI HEXIE Fastener Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic anchors and elbow bolts, which has complete equipment, advanced technology, first-class product quality, complete measuring instruments and experienced technical personnel. Nearly 90% of their products are exported to the U.S. region and have won high praise from customers.

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