Can Beekeepers Be Built on Cliffs with Toggle Bolts?

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Can Beekeepers Be Built on Cliffs with Toggle Bolts?

Can Beekeepers Be Built on Cliffs with Toggle Bolts?

It's amazing that the beehive can be built on a cliff with zinc plated double expansion anchors. 


The First Cliff Bee Farm in Beijing

In the countryside, 120 kilometers away from Beijing's urban area, there are steep cliffs and beehives hanging on the mountains with M8 lag screw shield anchors. The highest hive is more than 150 meters above the ground and looks like it is hanging high on the top of a mountain.


I can't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. In addition to Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan Province and Shennongjia in Hubei Province, only the first cliff bee farm in Beijing obtain this unique beekeeping method.


The walls are at 90 degrees to the ground and there is little possibility of climbing by hand. Professionals fix one end of the safety rope to the ground pile and the other end to the body. Then slowly sink to the rock wall and use the slotted hex head wall board anchors to nail the beehive on the mountain.


The beehive is hung on both sides of the cliff with flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors and it is a unique scenery from a distance. Beehives are painted in five different colors, including green, purple, blue, golden yellow and orange. The color on the beehive is to keep bees away from their nests, because these colors are all colors that bees can distinguish. For example, bees can see yellow and orange six meters away, but black can't be felt.


Chinese Honeybee Needs Special Protection


Three cliffs and 600 beehives take 20 professionals a full month to work. The cliff bee farm built with slotted hex head stud anchors is just for this kind of ordinary looking bee. However, this little guy is an endangered species in the insect kingdom and needs special protection.


Chinese honeybee is unique to China and has been breeding in China for 70 million years. More than 100 years ago, the western honeybees, represented by Italian bees, were introduced into China, which led to the danger of these native bees. Because the honey production of Italian bees is much higher than that of Chinese honeybees, nearly all bee farmers have been keeping Italian bees in recent decades and the population of native Chinese honeybees has shrunk sharply. In addition, rats, snakes and even wasps in the mountains will bully the Chinese honeybee, resulting in frequent encroachment and destruction of the honeybee's nest. The cliff bee farm built with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors can be compared to the Chinese honeybee's refuge, where rats and snakes won't invade it and people can't get close to it. In this way, the bees can live in a safe and natural environment.


The beehive on the cliff is harvested only once a year. Like hanging a beehive with flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors, cutting honey also depends on professionals climbing up the cliff to get it. Because of the low yield and hard work, this kind of yam is very expensive, more than ten times the price of ordinary honey.


In the past few years, Italian bees were no longer allowed in places where beehives were hung by flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts and the former Italian colonies were purchased by the government. At present, there are more than 6000 Chinese honeybee populations and will reach more than 10000 within the year. In addition, the first Chinese honeybee reserve in North China will be built and more than 200 square kilometers will become a safe home for Chinese honeybees.

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