What are the Types of Anchor Bolts?

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What are the Types of Anchor Bolts?

What are the types of Anchor Bolts?

Anchor bolts refer to the general name of all anchoring components, which has a wide range. According to different raw materials, it is divided into metal anchor bolts(such as M6 carbon steel expansion anchor) and non-metal anchor bolts(such as small plastic conical anchor bolts). Slotted hex head anchor bolts are special mechanical connection fixtures used to fix hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh or insulation board, and fire insulation tape to the base wall.


Tie-wire M4 carbon steel anchor bolts should use Q235 steel and Q345 steel with better plastic properties, and should not use high-strength steel. Super ribbed steel anchor bolts are non-standard parts, and because of their large diameter, they are often made of unprocessed round steel similar to C-class bolts, and are not processed with high precision lathes. Anchor bolts with exposed column feet often use double nuts to prevent loosening.


According to different anchoring mechanisms, they are divided into expansion anchors, hole anchors, bonded anchors, concrete screws, shot nails, concrete nails, etc. Next we mainly introduce the types of anchors.



1. Expansion Anchor

Expansion anchors, referred to as expansion bolts, use the relative movement of the cone and the expansion sheet (or expansion sleeve) to promote expansion of the expansion sheet, produce expansion squeezing force with the concrete of the hole wall, and produce pull-out through shear friction force to achieve an assembly for anchoring the connected parts. Expansion anchors are divided into torque control M8 expansion anchors and displacement control M12 expansion anchors according to the different expansion force control methods during installation. The former is controlled by torque and the latter is controlled by displacement.



2. Reaming Anchor

Reaming anchors, referred to as reaming bolts or slotted bolts, are a kind of components that by re-grooving and reaming the concrete at the bottom of the borehole, using the mechanical interlock between the concrete bearing surface formed after the hole expansion and the anchor expansion to achieve anchoring of the connected piece. Reaming anchors are divided into pre-reaming type and self-reaming type according to different ways of reaming. The former uses a special drilling tool to pre-cut the groove and expand the hole, the latter anchor comes with a tool, which cuts and expands the hole by itself during installation, and the groove installation is completed at one time.


3. Bonded Anchor

Bonded anchor bolts, also known as chemical bond bolts, referred to as chemical bolts or bonding stubs, are made of special chemical adhesives (anchor glue) to fix screws and internally threaded pipes in concrete substrate drilling holes through the bonding and locking function between the adhesive and the screw and between the adhesive and the concrete hole wall to achieve an assembly for anchoring the connected parts.



4. Concrete Screws

The structure and anchoring mechanism of the concrete screw are similar to the wood screw. The hard thread screw is hardened and sharpened by a special process. The straight hole with a small diameter is pre-drilled before installation, and then the screw is screwed in. The interlocking action of the wall concrete produces a pull-out force, which is an assembly for anchoring the connected parts.



5. Anchor Glue

The anchoring performance of chemically-planted and bonded anchors mainly depends on the anchoring glue (also known as adhesives) and construction methods. The most widely used anchoring glue in China is epoxy-based anchoring glue.



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