What Should be Paid Attention to When Installing Kitchen and Bathroom Sewer Pipes with Mechanical Anchors?

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What Should be Paid Attention to When Installing Kitchen and Bathroom Sewer Pipes with Mechanical Anchors?

What Should be Paid Attention to When Installing Kitchen and Bathroom Sewer Pipes with Mechanical Anchors?

Kitchens and bathrooms are places with dense pipes, where all kinds of pipes and flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors are dense. How to decorate these pipes carefully can they be beautiful and not affect the normal use of the pipes? When we use M8 lag screw shield anchors to install kitchen and bathroom sewer pipes, we should abide by a principle -- beautiful and practical.


Installation of Kitchen and Bathroom Sewer with Toggle Bolts


Before installing the water pipe, we must check the quality of each pipe and other accessories. If the flat mushroom M10 toggle bolt is worn or cracked, it is easy to burst the water pipe.


In order to avoid too many problems, it is best to choose the form of overall installation when installing sewers, which will reduce the frequency of problems in the use process. Connection accessories (slotted hex head wedge anchors, screws and anchors) shall be installed firmly and without leakage.


After installing the water pipe with slotted hex head stud anchors, the pressurization test must be carried out. The pressurization test is usually carried out under the condition of 1.5 times of water pressure. There should be no water leakage in the pressurization test and the specific method of pressurization test is as follows.


Close the water main valve (water pipe switch in front of water meter).

Turn the tap in the room until no water drops.

Closed the water inlet switch of toilet water tank and washing machine with water storage function.

Rotate the water main valve.

After rotating the main valve, check whether the water meter moves (including slow movement).


If the water meter reading is not constant, it means that there is a leak. Otherwise, it means that the installation effect of water pipe is better and meets the construction requirements. Therefore, hydraulic test must be carried out after the pipe is installed with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor. The water pressure is usually kept at 8 kg within 20-30 minutes.


Elaborate Decoration of Kitchen and Bathroom Pipes


It's not always a good way to surround the kitchen and bathroom pipes with bricks. Due to the specific situation of each house, different methods can be adopted, including tiling, cement board and other methods. The advantage of brick enclosure is about the best sound insulation.

Artificial stone decoration is an aesthetic and practical method. In fact, artificial stone decoration doesn't need to be done by yourself and you just need to find your family's stone shop for customization. Artificial stone is cheap, waterproof and easy to disassemble.

You can move the squat to get enough space for plumbing. Use the way of building red brick wall to hide the pipe and then paste tile, which will make your home look fresh and tidy.

The walls of kitchens and bathrooms need to be pasted with wall tiles. Therefore, attention must be paid to maintaining a certain tension when decorating the drainage pipes with flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors, so as to ensure that the wall tiles will not fall down and produce hollowing phenomenon. The traditional way is to use light steel keel cement pressure plate, but these processes are no longer advocated now. We should use red brick masonry and fix zinc plated double expansion anchors between the new masonry wall and the original wall to ensure the better combination of the new masonry wall and the original wall, so as to avoid empty drum and brick falling.

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