What Kind of Experience is The Whole House Self-Assembling?

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What Kind of Experience is The Whole House Self-Assembling?

What Kind of Experience is The Whole House Self-Assembling?

Large items in the home include sofa, dining table, bed, mattress and sink. Small items include bedside table, clothes support and chairs, etc. Have you ever tried to assemble the whole house by yourself? I'd like to introduce my experience of furniture self-assembling to you.


1. Sofa assembly


The four-seat sofa in the living room is black and the armrests on the left and right sides are not installed because the butterfly bolts have been lost. The cushion is only 83 cm above the ground and the seat is 99 cm, so it is very comfortable to sit on this sofa. The sofa after taking off the cushion is a spacious and comfortable single bed. It is difficult mode for assembling by only one person, but it is easy mode for two. The main reason is that the installation of the back of the chair needs spring toggle bolts, so it is difficult for one to master the balance.


2. Armchair assembly


The color of the armchair is dark brown and the cushion is hard coal, so there will be color difference. Armchairs and cushions can be bought in sets to experience 100% flexibility. The armchair with installing toggle bolts can be assembled by one person.


3. Floor lamp assembly


The floor lamp I bought is bronze, which weighs five kilograms and has a great texture. Although the floor lamp looks very warm, it still cannot use actually because the control is not convenient. Therefore, I'm going to buy an intelligent light bulb to save it.


4. Curtain system assembly


If you have some hands-on skills, assembling curtains by using steel toggle bolt anchors really saves money. The curtain width of the living room is more than 2 meters. I added a layer of gauze curtain and a layer of shading curtain, which costs 370 yuan in total. The installation factor is very high because of the need for drilling and climbing. It's better for two people to decorate together and have a ladder.


5. Shelf assembly


With the advantages of large and cheap, shelf can be used to put things. it is not suitable for the living room and bedroom because it is not beautiful and not tight. In general, it is easy to install except that some heavy-duty toggle bolts are not easy to operate.


6. Mirror


The logistics mirror is not as fragile as expected. The height of 150cm is just for a full-length mirror. Since the complete mirror is sent by online shopkeepers, it does not need to be installed.


7. Watering pot assembly


The quality of the watering pot is good and the long gate design is ideal for watering leafy plants. In addition, the transparent watering pot is beautiful and cost-effective.


8. Coat hanger assembly


The quality of the clothes rack is better than expected, because the material of its steel column and stainless toggle bolts are very conscientious. It is very easy to install according to the installation drawing. Of course, it's a bit difficult for girls to punch holes if you don't add snap toggle bolts for wall fixing.


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