What Is the Construction Technology of Plastic Steel Window?

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What Is the Construction Technology of Plastic Steel Window?

What Is the Construction Technology of Plastic Steel Window?

Nowadays, plastic steel windows are used in most people's homes because of their hard and plastic materials.


Construction Technology of Plastic Steel Doors and Windows


The construction technical process of plastic steel doors and windows generally includes snapping lines to find rules, handling of door and window openings, inspection of device connectors, appearance inspection of plastic doors and windows, delivery to the device address according to the drawings, installation of plastic doors and windows, caulking of doors and windows, installation of hardware accessories and finishing.


The construction technology of plastic steel doors and windows should adopt the post plug construction and it is not allowed to erect the opening first.

Check whether the dimension of the door and window opening is 3cm larger than that of the door and window frame.

After installing the iron feet on the door and window frames, install the window frames and locate them according to the line to find out the straightness and elevation.

Fix temporarily with wooden wedge and check whether it is qualified.

Fix the iron foot and structure firmly with zinc plated double expansion anchor. The gap between the door and window frame and the wall shall be caulked according to the plan and the surface shall be sealed with sealant with thickness of 5-8mm.

When installing the accessories of doors and windows, drill holes with electric drill and flat mushroom lag screw shield anchors. It is forbidden to strike with hammer or hard object to prevent damage.

Pay attention to the maintenance of materials after installation to prevent contamination and welding spark burn.


Construction Operation Technology


(1) Marking and Positioning


For high-rise buildings, the edge line of doors and windows on the top floor shall prevail for installation. Use a dropper or theodolite to lead the edge line of doors and windows downward and draw lines at the door/window of each floor.

The horizontal orientation of doors and windows shall be subject to the horizontal line of + 50cm inside the floor.


(2) Waterproof Layer Treatment


The waterproof layer of plastic steel doors and windows shall be fixed on the plastic steel windows with carbon steel M10 stud anchors according to the requirements of construction drawings and the accurate orientation and strong installation shall be ensured.


(3) Antiseptic Treatment


The anti-corrosion treatment of the exterior surface of the door and window frames shall be treated according to the design drawings. If there is no design drawing, you can brush anti-corrosion paint or paste plastic film for maintenance, so as to avoid direct contact between cement mortar and plastic steel doors and windows.

When installing plastic steel doors and windows, carbon steel heavy duty shield anchors should be used instead of flat mushroom plastic toggle anchors to connect iron parts.


(4) Plastic Steel Door and Window Device in Place


Install the plastic steel door and window frame according to the marked door and window positioning line.

Timely adjust the horizontal, straight and diagonal length of the door/window frame and fix it with zinc plated M10 wedge anchor.

When there is no embedded iron on the wall, slotted hex head mechanical anchor or slotted hex head M10 toggle bolt can be used to fix the iron foot on the wall. An electric drill can also be used to drill holes with a depth of 80mm and a diameter of 6mm. Stick 108 glue slurry on one end of long L-shaped steel bar and drive it into the hole.

After the cement paste is set, the iron feet of plastic steel doors and windows shall be firmly welded with the reinforcement.

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