What Is Your Pet Doing When You're Not at Home?

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What Is Your Pet Doing When You're Not at Home?

What Is Your Pet Doing When You're Not at Home?

Since I watched The Secret Life of Pets some time ago, I always want to know what my pets are doing when my family is empty. It's very simple and you just need to install cameras with lag screw plastic toggle anchors at home.


Installation of Camera


Prepare tools and parts, including slotted hex head plastic toggle anchors, screwdrivers, hammers and electric drills.

Determine the installation position and check the size and model of M8 tie-wire plastic conical anchors and self-tapping screws.

Check whether the flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt of bracket and screw mouth of camera base are suitable and whether the embedded pipeline interface is handled well.

Install the bracket with slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchors in a stable position.

Connect the camera to the port of your router through the cable inside the package.

Fix the camera with flat mushroom M8 extruded plastic plug at the determined installation position, which means that the installation is completed.

When everything is ready, enter the installation program.

If you need to install the shield with tie-wire knotting plastic anchors, install it after the third step.


Use of Camera


Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the package box or manual and download the App.

After downloading the app, click on the picture according to the arrow on the manual.

When entering the QR code pairing between the mobile phone and the camera, scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera, which will automatically fill in the NAME and UID. It should be noted that the initial password is 8888 in general and the App will insist on changing your password when you log in.

Click on the gear and select WIFI connection configuration.

Choose your home network and enter the password, which is convenient for your camera to work with WIFI without having to connect to the network cable all the time.

As your camera automatically restarts, unplug the cable and take your camera to its job.


It will not take more than 2 minutes from power on to setup. There are various function buttons on the app and it also has its own night mode. Because the detail of the picture is very good, the tail wagging of the pet dog can also be seen clearly without losing the frame number. In addition, the rotation of the camera only needs to slide on the screen of the mobile phone. The horizontal shooting angle is 340 ° and the vertical shooting angle is more than 100 °.


If you don't need to be very professional, FPS 20 frame camera is enough. Generally speaking, the frame will not be lost in most cases and the switching to LTE can be maintained above fps18 (FPS, frames per second and 24 fps is used for general movies.).


The installation of the camera is very simple and it is very suitable for the observation of cats and dogs in the home. If you have pets in your house, try installing the camera with M8 split ribbed plastic anchors by yourself.

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