What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When Installing Chandelier with Wall Anchors?

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What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When Installing Chandelier with Wall Anchors?

What Do You Need to pay attention to When Installing Chandelier with Wall Anchors?

The chandelier is a kind of high-grade decorative lighting which is suspended on the indoor ceiling. With the gradual improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, our requirements for household goods are also higher and higher. Choosing a beautiful chandelier can not only bring us light, but also add color to our home.


Notes on Chandelier Installation


Pay attention to the fixation and safety of the chassis. The most basic requirement of luminaire installation is that it must be firm, so the installation instructions should be followed when installing all kinds of lamps. If the lamp weight is more than 3kg, the embedded hook or M6 lag screw shield anchor shall be used to fix the support and hanger directly from the roof.

Check that the boom is firmly connected. Generally, the suspender of chandelier has a certain length of thread, which can be used to adjust the height. In addition to checking the chassis after installation and the light box suspended under the sling suspender carefully, attention should also be paid to the reliability of the connection.


Installation Procedure of Chandelier


Chandelier Installation Step 1: Prepare Tools

Choosing a suitable electric drill is an important part of installing chandelier. Generally, the installation of chandelier requires a hole of 6mm, so our electric drill should also choose a 6mm drill.


Chandelier Installation Step 2: Hole Finding

After the tools are ready, start to prepare to install the screws on the ceiling plate. First, remove the hanging plate from the top plate and align it with the empty hole on the top plate. After comparing the position, tighten the screw and you can try to adjust the screw position if the correct position is not found after several adjustments.


Chandelier Installation Step 3: Drilling

Drilling is a key step. Mark the position of zinc plated double expansion anchor on the wall and then use the electric drill installed in advance to start drilling. When drilling, pay attention to the depth of the hole and calculate according to the length of the slotted hex head stud anchor.


Chandelier Installation Step 4: Install Screws

Put the prepared tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor into the hole and use external force to drive it into the hole. Many people want to fix it by hand, but they need to use a hammer to complete the work at least, otherwise it is easy to cause safety problems. What needs to be reminded is to ensure that the flat mushroom M6 mechanical anchors are all inside the wall before the task is completed.


Chandelier Installation Step 5: Fix the Hanging Plate

After the flat mushroom M6 toggle bolt is completely embedded in the wall, the hanging plate is ready to be fixed. First of all, screw through the hanging plate hole and then install the screw along the flat mushroom M10 stud anchor. Be sure to alternate on both sides and install firmly. If there is deviation, it is easy to cause dangerous accidents.


Chandelier Installation Step 6: Fix the Ceiling Plate and Lamp Body

After completing the above steps, the rest is to connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws. Make sure that the M6 zinc plated stud anchor is fixed after connection. Finally, you should check whether it is firm again.

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