What Cause the Reasons of Loose Anchor?

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What Cause the Reasons of Loose Anchor?

What Cause the Reasons of Loose Anchor?

Bolts are the preferred fastener for a wide range of applications for the simple reason that they are easy to remove. However, it is easy for the hardware wall anchor crown spring toggle anchor bolts to become loose. Depending on the application, bolt looseness can have serious consequences. A loose bolt may cause a complete set of production equipment to stagnate and cause huge losses to the company. Even in some applications, loose custom hot sale anchor bolts may cause serious safety hazards. So, what are the main causes of bolt looseness? Generally speaking, there are two main reasons, namely, looseness caused by vibration and looseness caused by material deformation.


The main causes and consequences of good quality M10 drop in anchor bolt looseness depend on the purpose and application environment of bolt connection, and usually depend on the differenct industries. For example, the petrochemical industry is mainly concerned about plastic nylon drywall anchor bolt corrosion, but not on bolt fatigue and bolt loosening. On the other hand, the automotive industry may regard bolt loosening and bolt corrosion as two major problems. The aerospace industry may list bolt fatigue as a major problem.



Main Reasons of Bolt Looseness

Bolt looseness is mainly caused by vibration and material deformation. In order to prevent the plastic ceiling wedge anchor bolt looseness caused by vibration, it is necessary to eliminate the sliding between the connecting parts, or at least reduce it to below the critical level. This can be achieved by increasing axial preload, increasing friction between clamping components, or reducing cyclic loads such as shock, vibration, or cyclic thermal loads.


Another common method is to increase the friction between bolt threads. There are many solutions that can do this, some of which are very effective, but there are also shortcomings. Glue or adhesive may be an effective method based on friction, but when the glue dries, problems may arise when removing the high precision wall plug anchor bolt.


If the material is deformed, the elongation of the steel metric screw type wedge anchor bolt will also be reduced and the preload will be reduced. Creep refers to the permanent deformation of joint material due to high level stress under yield strength for a long time. The key to avoid bolt fatigue is good design. In recent years, due to the need for more and more bolted connections, as well as the growth of the application of lightweight materials, the importance of design has become increasingly prominent. The tensile strength, elasticity and stiffness of bolts are very important parameters.


The correct joint design uses high preload to clamp the workpiece, so that there is a very large friction force between the clamped parts to prevent relative sliding, thus making it safe and reliable during the service life. So far, the design engineers have focused on the bolt fracture failure. With the improvement of performance and the reduction of joint weight, other failure mechanisms become more and more common. In lightweight design, preload loss and self loosening are more and more common.


High quality bolted connections are made up of very elastic bolts and very rigid clamping parts, and there are different ways to achieve this. One way to improve good quality wedge anchor bolt elasticity is to have a longer clamping length.

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