Wall-mounted Bookshelf Installations with Toggle Bolt: What You Should Know

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Wall-mounted Bookshelf Installations with Toggle Bolt: What You Should Know

Wall-mounted Bookshelf Installations with Toggle Bolt: What You Should Know

Installing wall-mounted bookshelves on the wall is becoming more and more popular, not only increasing storage space, but also playing a decorative role. You will find many different styles with various choices, and installing them is a fairly simple DIY project. Let's take a look at how to install the wall-mounted bookshelf with zinc plated heavy duty toggle bolts.

1. Installation method of water pipe wall-mounted bookshelf

Water pipe wall-mounted bookshelves can clearly convey the strong industrial metal texture and nostalgic style. The installation method is also very simple.


The first step is to install the iron base on the wall, and then mark the holes in the wall in the same straight line; in the second step, the drill bit is selected according to the size of the M6 stainless steel toggle bolts, and the hole is drilled at the fixed point and the position of the marked hole. In general, the depth of the hole is 2 mm; the third step is to expand the rubber particles, punch a small hammer for installation, and then install the toggle bolts for metal studs on the expanded rubber particles and check the firmness; The fourth step is to place the water-tube wall-mounted bookshelf on the iron base in the same position, and then fix it with expansion screws. Generally speaking, this kind of water pipe wall hanging bookcase is more suitable for retro European and American style houses.



2. Installation method of hanging style bookshelf

Many of the bookshelves on the walls are made of painted boards to prevent scratches and collisions. The installation method is also easy for you.


The first step is to use a spirit level to find the installation location on the wall. The second step is to determine the location of the hole punch by measuring the distance between the two-hole bookcase partitions, then mark the installation location on the wall, and use an electric drill to drill the expansion tube. The third step is to adjust the length of the carbon steel toggle bolt ceiling hook and install it. The fourth step is to divide the installation frame and adjust the position.



3. Installation method of wall-mounted bookshelf

The first step is to fix each board with M3 toggle bolt drywall anchor, and then use a ruler to measure the distance between the two holes at the back. The second step is to compare the dimensions, find the precise points and marks on the wall, and mark them with an electric drill. Note that the drill bit is slightly inclined when drilling the hole; insert the Tie-wire toggle bolts for plasterboard tube into the hole, flush with the wall surface, and screw the expansion tube so that the screw head is about 5 mm and hang on the wall; The third step is to hang the bookshelf on the wall.


Although the installation method of the wall-mounted bookshelf is very simple, no matter what kind of wall-mounted bookshelf, you should consider whether the weight of the wall is sufficient to support the weight of the bookshelf itself and the objects placed in the future before installation. If you need flat mushroom butterfly bolts nuts or slotted hex head strap toggle bolts, you can contact us.

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