Wall Storage Magic Weapon——Peg Board

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Wall Storage Magic Weapon——Peg Board

Wall Storage Magic Weapon——Peg Board

Peg board can make full use of the space at home and you can play your infinite imagination in the use of peg board, which is an indispensable artifact in home decoration. For example, the peg board installed with slotted hex head plastic toggle anchors in the bedroom can be used to hang some paintings and some decorations, which not only does not need to drill holes on the wall, but also can regulate the hanging position of things to avoid disorder.


How to Install Peg Plate with Plastic Anchor?


There are two ways to install the cavity plate and both of them will leave irreversible marks on the surface.


The first is to drill flat mushroom M8 plastic toggle anchors on the wall, which is suitable for the peg plate with thickness. Stick the peg board on the screw like a picture.

The other is the use of self-tapping screws, which do not need to drill holes in the wall in advance but use the screw lines to drill the surface to be fixed directly. This method is mainly suitable for fixing on the cabinet board.


In addition to the shoe cabinet storage, the functions of the porch include hanging common clothes, hanging umbrellas, displaying family photos and storing fragmentary keys and wallet cards. All these functions can be satisfied by only one peg board.


Use of Peg Plate


Kitchen Peg Board

The countertop of the kitchen is very small, but there are many kitchen utensils. In addition to the common pendant and storage artifact, the peg board is a mysterious force ignored by everyone. The capacity of a peg plate can be up to ten hanging rods and is not limited by the direction. Even if there are many miscellaneous items, combining different color peg boards and fixing them to the wall with flat mushroom M8 plastic anchors can make the kitchen colorful and the narrow wall can also be used flexibly. With the increase and elimination of kitchen utensils, the surface fittings of peg plate can also be moved and replaced at any time without re-drilling and installing flat mushroom M8 anchor bolts.


Working Area Peg Board

Everyone who loves life must have a peg board. With peg plates and carbon steel M8 wall anchors, you can find the tools you want when you look up to sew and do manual work. Brushes need to be hung to maintain a longer life and the space between peg boards is just right. There is no better display of a beloved toy than a peg board installed with carbon steel M8 anchor bolts. Just thread the wool through the hole to carry the partition board.


Balcony Peg Board

Perhaps you have found that the balcony fence is too ugly, which is a problem that most people feel vexed and headache. Perhaps installing the peg board with carbon steel M8 plastic anchors is a good solution. Use a peg plate that fixed with slotted hex head M8 anchor bolts to integrate all cleaning appliances in the area behind the door of the work balcony and the tool can be found at a glance.


Cross Stitch Peg Board

Did you find a peg board is actually an enlarged version of cross stitch cloth? Use paint and wool to connect the space from a hole to a hole, which will let you see a miracle. With the help of the power of pigment and taking four pegs as a unit to draw "×", you will find it is a painting from a distance. In addition to pigments, different colors of wool can also be used to draw the desired pattern.

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