The Most Detailed Home Decoration Guide in History

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The Most Detailed Home Decoration Guide in History

The Most Detailed Home Decoration Guide in History

Home decoration is a hassle. Ceilings, lamps, floors, air conditioners, doors, windows, etc., it is about all large and small things, it is complicated. You have to cover everything during the installation process, even including the small fasteners such as nylon ceiling knotting expansion anchors, extruded plastic wall expansion anchors, etc., otherwise the experience after living in your new home will be greatly reduced. Take home lights installation as an example, how to install them properly?



1. Wall Light Installation

We must first determine the height. The installation height of the wall lights is generally slightly higher than the sight line , about 1.8 meters. The height of the wall lights is generally 1440~1850mm from the working surface, and 2240~2650mm from the ground. However, the distance between the bedroom wall lights and the ground can be closer, about 1400mm~1700mm. The distance between the wall lights and the wall is closer, generally 95mm~400mm.


Use light-colored wires to connect the wall light, which is easy to apply paint that matches the color of the wall to keep the wall clean and tidy.

In addition, you can first dig a small groove in the wall that just fits into the wire, embed the wire, fill it with lime, and then apply the paint with the same color as the wall.


The installation method of the wall lights is relatively simple. After the position is determined, it is mainly the fixing of the wall light holder. The wall light is often fixed on the wall by using a method of embedded parts or perforation.


1) Mark the position on the wall where the wall board drop in expansion anchors need to be punched according to the hole on the hanging plate of the wall lamp.


2) Use an electric drill to drill holes on the wall where the marks have been made. Pay attention to understand the layout of the circuit first.


3) After drilling the holes, you can use the heavy duty metal expansion anchors. First, insert the carbon steel wall board expansion anchors into the holes that have been drilled, and then use a hammer or other things to drive the expansion anchors into the wall until they are all submerged in the wall.


4) Put the wood screw through the hole of the wall light hanging board, and then fix it on the M12 carbon steel expansion anchors. Pay attention to the fixation on both sides to avoid the wood screw from shifting.


5) Connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws, and then screw on the bald head screws to fix the ceiling plate. Finally, disconnect the indoor power supply, and then connect the wall light wire and power cord, and install the wall light.



2. Pendant Light Installation

1) Fixing the Chandelier

It is similar to the ceiling light, the pendant light is fixed first, and the drilling point is also drawn, the hole is drilled with an impact drill, and then the split ribbed steel expansion anchor is driven into the hole.


It is worth noting that: because the load of the chandelier is generally greater than that of the ceiling light, the ceiling must be fixed with a metal hanging plate or hook before connecting the chandelier base, which can make the installation of the chandelier firmer.


2) Pendant Light Connection

Screw on the bald head screw and the base is installed. Connect the power wire and the exposed part of the copper wire with insulating tape.

Then connect the boom to the base and adjust the appropriate height. Finally, install the lampshade and bulb of the chandelier.


Expansion anchors are frequently used fasteners in installation. If you want to know more about the use of super ribbed plastic expansion anchors, please contact us.


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