Outdoor Wireless AP Installation Steps

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Outdoor Wireless AP Installation Steps

Outdoor Wireless AP Installation Steps

Outdoor wireless AP can be installed according to the following six steps.


Installation Accessories


Outdoor wireless installation accessories include sunshade, slotted hex head mechanical anchors and other fixing parts. The equipment can be installed on the holding pole or wall and the diameter of the holding pole is required to be between 40mm and 60mm.


First of all, the outdoor host needs to be installed on the derrick. Two M8 lag screw shield anchors are used to fix the outdoor host to the mounting bracket and then four matching bolts are used to fix the mounting bracket on the derrick.


The second step is to install the equipment on the wall. Place the mounting bracket of the equipment at the position to be installed and close to the wall. Then draw the position mark of the flat mushroom double expansion anchors hole on the wall. Drill holes with impact drill at the mark of expansion bolt hole on the wall. Place the expansion screw pipe vertically into the drilling hole and knock one end of the expansion screw pipe with a rubber hammer until the expansion screw pipe is knocked into the wall.


The third step is to fix the mounting bracket. Align the mounting hole of the mounting bracket with the expansion screw hole and pass the slotted hex head wedge anchor through the corresponding mounting hole. Then correct the position of the mounting bracket and tighten the slotted hex head stud anchors.


The fourth step is to fix the main engine on the mounting bracket, which means that fix the main engine to the mounting bracket with two M8 heavy duty shield anchors.


Antenna Installation


Outdoor antenna includes directional antenna and omnidirectional antenna, so they need to be installed separately.


Installation of Lightning Arrester


Lightning arrester is mainly used for lightning protection and discharge to prevent outdoor equipment from being burned by sudden high current. It is installed between the outdoor equipment RF port and the feeder connecting the antenna, which is connected with the roof lightning protection network or connected to the ground grid directly.


Feeder Installation


The feeder is the connection between the antenna and the AP. Due to the high frequency signal transmission loss in the feeder is very large, in the feeder should be as short as possible in the actual project installation. If the feeder is long, the feeder with high quality and low loss can be considered. In order to prevent the equipment from being struck by lightning, lightning arrester should be installed between antenna and equipment. Therefore, the feeder is usually connected to the arrester. For feeder installation, the head of grounding wire shall be peeled and pressed with crimping pliers after being inserted into the drop-in anchor. In addition, the ground wire shall be fixed to the grounding hole of the equipment with slotted hex head toggle bolts. The grounding point on the feeder is directly sealed with waterproof mortar and the grounding point on the grounding grid must be treated with waterproof and antirust.


Ethernet Installation


Ethernet installation requires one outdoor shielded network cable (the length is determined according to the situation of the operation site), one shielding crystal head and one set of waterproof network cable connector. The parts include a waterproof cable connector base, a lock nut, a sealing ring, a sealing gasket, a sealing nut and a shielding crystal head.


Installation of Sunshade


After covering the sunshade on the AP, fix the sunshade on the AP host with four flat mushroom double expansion anchors.

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