Nylon Fishlike Anchors Tips on Decorating Home?

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Nylon Fishlike Anchors Tips on Decorating Home?

Nylon Fishlike Anchors Tips on Decorating Home?

Due to the obvious advantages of small drilling hole, large tension, free demolition and keeping the wall smooth, the M8 split ribbed plastic anchors entered the domestic market in 2013, which is widely applied in concrete embedding related operations, such as building curtain wall, interior decoration, air conditioning, lighting, advertising billboard, TV wall hanging, bathroom water, monitor, kitchen appliances and other related industries and fields.


Family decoration will inevitably require hanging some items on the wall, such as curtain pole and clothes rack, etc. For the general family, it is not feasible to drive nails on the wall directly. On the one hand, this will cause damage to the wall and on the other hand, nails will be very durable and easy to fall off due to the wall material. The M8 tie-wire nylon fishlike anchor can solve such a problem. As one of the commonly used household decoration tools, expansion bolt is easy to buy in the market. The slotted hex head plastic toggle anchor commonly used in home decoration is preferred by many people because of its low cost.


How to Use Plastic Expansion Bolts in Home Decoration?


If you need to use slotted hex head plastic anchors to fix your home decoration, you should also prepare hammers, electric drills, pencils, screwdrivers and other tools.


Measure the location of the hole to be drilled and mark it with a pencil.

Choose the right drill bit according to the size of the flat mushroom M8 nylon fishlike anchor you use. In general, the diameter of the drill bit should be equal to that of the expansion pipe. When using electric hand drill to drill holes on the wall, the depth of the hole should be greater than the length of the expansion pipe, so as to avoid the expansion pipe cannot be completely inserted into the wall.

Use a small stick to clean the sand in the hole to avoid sand blocking and inconvenient installation.

Use a hammer to drive the expansion tube completely into the hole.

Pass the flat mushroom nylon wall anchor through the fixed mounting hole and screw into the expansion pipe with a screwdriver until it cannot be turned.


Precautions for Installation of Plastic Expansion Bolts


Drilling depth. The length of the expansion pipe should be noted. However, it is found that it will cause a lot of trouble if the drilling depth is not enough. This may be related to the amount of debris left in the hole, so you need to drill about 5mm deeper than the length of the expansion pipe. As long as it is greater than or equal to the length of the expansion pipe, the length of the flat mushroom M8 toggle bolt left in the ground shall be equal to or less than the length of the expansion pipe.

Ground hardness of fixed tie-wire nylon fishlike anchors. Generally speaking, the harder the ground is, the better. However, it also depends on the force of the object you need to fix. The mechanical strength installed in concrete is five times of that in brick.

The maximum static stress of expansion bolts of M6 / 8 / 10 / 12 installed in concrete is 120 / 170 / 320 / 510 kg respectively.

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