Is the Wall Mounted Washing Machine Worth Considering?

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Is the Wall Mounted Washing Machine Worth Considering?

Is the Wall Mounted Washing Machine Worth Considering?

Washing machine is an essential electrical appliance in our life and there are many styles and brands of washing machines on the market, so the range of choices for owners is very wide. Wall mounted washing machine is a new product developed in recent years. It can be hung on the wall with flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts or M8 lag screw shield anchors, which is convenient for daily cleaning.


Advantages of Wall Washing Machine


The appearance of the wall washing machine is good-looking and the line design is relatively smooth. In addition, it has many practical functions.


Low noise. The wall mounted washing machine uses low-noise motor and four-way damping pad, which can effectively reduce the noise in the washing process. Even if washing clothes at night, the running of wall washing machine will not disturb the sleep of family members.

Spoons for detergents. Wall mounted washing machines separate containers containing detergents from containers containing softeners. In addition, the spoon can facilitate users to control the amount of detergent used.

Star roller. Wall mounted drum washing machine is designed with star embossing roller, which can effectively protect clothes from being damaged.

Transparent door design. Wall mounted washing machine uses transparent door design, which can facilitate users to observe the situation of washing clothes.

Washing procedures. There are many different washing procedures for wall mounted washing machines, such as standard washing, soft washing, baby care washing, night washing and dehydration mode, so users can choose different washing methods according to their needs.

With child protection function. Wall mounted washing machine has the function of child lock. Key lock and rolling door lock can prevent children from touching the button and opening the rolling shutter door during the washing process, so families with children don't have to worry that children can open the washing machine door at will.


Installation Requirements of Wall Mounted Washing Machine


Similar with ordinary washing machine installation, there are not too many requirements for wall mounted washing machine installation. However, the wall mounted washing machine is installed on the wall with zinc plated double expansion anchors instead of directly placed on the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to use tools to punch holes on the wall and fix them on the wall with slotted hex head stud anchors. Because the weight of the washing machine is heavy and there is a lot of water in the washing machine when it is used, so when installing the wall mounted washing machine with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor, try to hang it on the load-bearing wall as far as possible. In addition, you should ensure that the installation is firm, so as to prevent the potential safety hazard due to the overweight of the washing machine in the use process. It should be noted that not only the inlet pipe needs to be reserved before installation, but also the position of the drain pipe and its flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors should be reserved.


Reserved Size of Wall Mounted Washing Machine


There are different sizes of wall mounted washing machines on the market. Generally, the size of a 5kg washing machine is 902*500*510mm, while that of a 6kg washing machine is 970*550*560mm. Therefore, the size of the reserved for the flat mushroom M8 stud anchors and washing machine should be determined according to the size of the wall mounted washing machine selected. Generally, the reserved position is about 10-20cm longer than the washing machine, so it is more convenient to install with flat mushroom M10 double expansion anchors.

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