Installation of Bottom Basin in Shower Room

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Installation of Bottom Basin in Shower Room

Installation of Bottom Basin in Shower Room

Some friends think it is very simple to install the bottom basin of shower room with slotted hex head stud anchors, but it is not like this in fact. In the shower room installation process, the most important is the bottom basin installation, because its quality may directly affect the shower room use effect. Therefore, we must first install the bottom basin of the shower room by using zinc plated double expansion anchors when we install the shower room.


Installation Steps of Shower Room Bottom Basin


Step 1: Material Preparation

Before installing the bottom basin with slotted hex head mechanical anchors, it is necessary to prepare the shower basin and related construction tools. If the materials are not prepared, various problems will easily occur during installation, such as construction interruption, which will easily affect the quality of the next construction. Therefore, people should prepare materials as far as possible and complete the bottom basin installation at one time.


Step 2: Specific Installation

During installation, people have to assemble various parts of the bottom basin and adjust the horizontal position of the bottom basin to ensure that the flow of water can smoothly flow into the corresponding underground water pipe without causing related water accumulation. Before installing the shower room with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors, the size of the shower room should be designed in advance and the hole position for bottom basin and flat mushroom stainless toggle bolt should be embedded. It is better to make a shower room for houses with water supply system and tile. Installation of shower room with electricity, wiring and leakage protection switch device should be considered very early to avoid rework.


The style of the shower room depends on the layout of the bathroom and the common ones are L-shaped and zigzag. The shower room with small space should be of corner shape and two walls of toilet can be used. If the budget is small and the space is narrow and long, the zigzag should be selected. The last thing to remember is to install in strict accordance with the assembly process and requirements of M10 lag screw shield anchors. The shower room must be firmly connected to the building structure and should not shake. The open shower room must be fixed with non-hollow wall with toggle bolts for metal studs and the water storage in the bottom basin after drainage should not be more than 500g.


Step 3: Installation and Inspection

After the shower room is completely installed by using zinc plated M8 wedge anchors, people have to carry out relevant detection and the function of detection is to ensure the smooth use of it. Once the problem is found, it should be solved immediately until the overall shower effect reaches the best degree.


How Should the Bottom Basin of shower room Be Maintained


Don't use rough material to wipe acrylic surface to avoid scratches,

Don't use sharp object to strike or impact acrylic surface to avoid damage,

Don't wipe acrylic surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss.


To remind you is that the traditional home bathroom mainly focuses on the shower area and washing area in a bathroom space, so it is difficult to achieve the dry and wet partition of the system. If the bottom basin of the shower room is installed with tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors, the shower room area will become differentwhich will naturally distinguish the dry and wet areas of the shower room to facilitate us to take a bath.

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