Installation of Aluminum Alloy Door Pulley

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Installation of Aluminum Alloy Door Pulley

Installation of Aluminum Alloy Door Pulley

All of us may know the material of aluminum alloy, but we are not familiar with aluminum alloy door pulley. In different cases, the replacement and installation method may change a little, but the general installation process are the same.


Replacement Method of Aluminum Alloy Door Pulley


Purchase the original matching pulley. Different sizes of pulleys can make the windows unfixed or loose.

Hold the window frame with both hands and lift it up before taking it down.

Screw off the fastening zinc plated lag screw shield anchors of window frame with professional tools.

Carefully put down the glass and then dismantle the aluminum alloy frame at the four sides to replace the pulley bar at the bottom and apply lubricant.

Install it on the window with carbon steel double expansion anchors after assembly.


Installation of Aluminum Alloy Door Pulley


1. Construction Preparation

Material: aluminum alloy profile 80 series.

Glass: double insulating glass.

Main tools: aluminum alloy cutting machine, electric drill, circular knife, cross screwdriver, needle, iron foot, compass, steel ruler, steel ruler, steel ruler, drill, hammer, shovel, trowel, bucket, water brush, electric welding machine, welding wire, zinc plated M10 mechanical anchor, cover and welding rod.


2. Installation and Construction of Aluminum Alloy Window

Lead the straight line: use the theodolite to lead the edge line downward according to the window edge line and mark the window on each floor after finding out the window position on the top floor of the building.

Snap the horizontal line: the horizontal line of + 50cm at the horizontal position of the window shall prevail. Measure the elevation under the window and snap the line for alignment. The elevation of each floor and under the window of the same room should be consistent.

Determine the access position: determine the wall thickness direction of the aluminum alloy window according to the detail drawing of the external wall and the width of the window sill

Anti-corrosion treatment: the outer periphery of aluminum alloy window frame shall be treated according to the requirements of design drawings.

Window frame in place: after the aluminum alloy window frame is on the wall, it should be roughly placed on the installation position line in the hole.

Alignment and temporary fixation: its perpendicularity, levelness, diagonal and depth position shall be adjusted and corrected after erecting the frame. After meeting the requirements, carbon steel M10 wedge anchors shall be used for temporary fixation.

Connection between frame and wall: the heavy-duty shield anchor installed on the window frame shall be used for the connection between aluminum alloy window frame and wall.

Plug the surrounding gap: check whether its perpendicularity, levelness, diagonal and depth are in the corresponding range after the aluminum alloy window frame is installed and fixed by zinc plated M10 stud anchors. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be rectified immediately.

Installation of fixed glass: glass installation should tear off the protective film on the window and clean it before putting the glass in place. Before installing the glass, a 3mm thick elastic cushion block should be placed around the glass to cushion the impact of opening/closing forces and the cushion block should be set at 1 / 4 of the glass side length. The glass shall not be in direct contact with aluminum alloy profiles and screws to prevent breakage. After the pressure strip is buckled, the sealant strip shall be filled and applied according to the design requirements.

Window sash installation conditions: the installation of aluminum alloy window sash shall be carried out after the civil engineering construction is basically completed, so as to keep the aluminum alloy window intact.

Installation of hardware accessories: hardware accessories (handle and flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts, etc.) can be installed after interior decoration.

Gluing and wiping: cut off the residual protective paper around the outer frame and clean the surface of the object in contact with the glue. Then fill the gap with sealant gun to ensure the sealing is firm.

Cleaning: clean up the dirt such as cement slurry and glue stains on the frame, fan, flat mushroom drop-in anchor, glass and window sill with a cloth.

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