Installation Steps of Flush Toilet Tank Accessories with Expansion Anchors

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Installation Steps of Flush Toilet Tank Accessories with Expansion Anchors

Installation Steps of Flush Toilet Tank Accessories with Expansion Anchors

It is said that the toilet tank is an important part of the entire toilet installation. Whether it is properly installed is directly related to a series of major problems such as drainage in the later period, so it is extremely important to install it reasonably. So what are the installation steps of toilet toilet tank accessories? First, let us prepare some small accessories, such as expansion anchors for flush toilet tank installation, and then we will discuss how to install it.



The Main Components of the Toilet Tank Accessories

The main components of the toilet tank accessories are three parts: the inlet valve, the drain valve and the button. The toilet can also be divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece accessories are mainly used for one-piece toilets, while split-type accessories are used for two-piece toilets. The inlet valve part can be divided into side inlet water and bottom inlet water, and there is also rear inlet water. The drain valve part can be divided into double press type, hanging chain type and bucket type. The button part can be divided into side buttons, top buttons and front buttons. This is the toilet tank accessories, so how to install it?



The Steps of Installing the Toilet Tank Accessories

1. Determine the installation position. Drill holes in the ground, and align the ground sewage pipe mouth with the sewage outlet at the bottom of the toilet, draw the corner of the toilet base on the ground according to the outer dimensions of the toilet base, and use an impact drill to make holes with a depth of about 5 cm.


2. Install the toilet base. Knock the carbon steel tie-wire expansion anchors into the ground hole, put the bottom corner of the toilet into the M12 carbon steel expansion anchors and tighten the nut to make the toilet seat in place. The toilet drain and the ground preset drain pipe should be tightly connected and sealed.


3. Install the water tank. Of course, this step is not required for the one-piece toilet. According to the installation height of the water tank and the position of the hole in the rear wall of the water tank, drill holes in the wall and knock in the split ribbed steel expansion anchors, and then place the water tank in place, insert the zinc plated steel expansion anchors into the rear wall eyelet, add a 3 mm thick nylon washer, then put on the nut and tighten it.


4. Install the connecting pipe between the water tank and the toilet base (using copper or plastic pipes, etc.), and the connecting pipe between the inlet pipe and the bottom of the water tank (using stainless steel bellows, etc.). Angle valve (inlet control valve) should be installed at the inlet pipe connection.


5. Install the floating ball and other accessories in the water tank.


6. After opening the water inlet valve, adjust the floating height of the float according to the required water inlet height in the water tank, and adjust the tightness of its control lag screw shield expansion anchors according to the water spray size of the water spray valve.


7. After the water tank is filled with water, check the toilet's drainage capacity and whether there is any water leakage at the connection of each pipe.



8. Seal the gap between the toilet base and the ground with putty or silicone. Do not use cement paste or cement mortar as the sealing material.


9. Install the toilet seat and toilet lid.


The above is the specific introduction about the installation steps of the toilet tank accessories. I hope that it can give you a guide. If users with strong hands-on ability, you can try to install it yourself, then It will inevitably save the cost of installation.


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