Installation Guides of Windows Using Expansion Anchors

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Installation Guides of Windows Using Expansion Anchors

Installation Guides of Windows Using Expansion Anchors

Home decoration is no small matter. In order to avoid future troubles, it is recommended that all owners should learn the precautions for windows installation before installing your own windows. Even small expansion anchors for doors and windows, you need to have a certain understanding.



Installation of Windows

The installation services of windows are generally provided by merchants, and because of the uneven quality of services provided by merchants, and the operation of some workers is not standardized, at some key nodes, owners need to pay close attention to avoid inadvertently affecting the quality of windows in use.


1. Measure the Size

When using aluminum alloy windows, the size of the closing surface of the balcony should be accurately measured before sealing the balcony, and the window frame and glass should be processed according to the size outside the construction site and shipped to the construction site. Before installation, check whether the size of the window is consistent with the size of the opening of the balcony.


2. Fix Bracket

Method 1: Fix with fixing piece

Before installing the windows, the base layer of the balcony opening should be cleaned. It is required to remove the base material of the window against the wall, and punch holes at the fixed points. Preset tie-wire M4 carbon steel expansion anchor bolts or plastic expansion pins to fix the form. When installing a window, you should first place the window firmly at the hole, fix its position, and fix it with screws and heavy duty metal expansion anchors.


Method 2: Fix with torque control M8 expansion anchors

In general, the lag screw shield expansion anchors needs to be 10 cm long. If some of the holes are misaligned, smooth them by plastering and the anchors need to be 12 cm long in order to be directly fixed in the cement pouring layer of the original wall to make the window frame stable. You can tap it by hand. If you find that the wall around the window frame is hollow, you need to hit it deeper.


3. Check if It is Installed Properly

After the window frame is connected to the window opening, you should check whether the window is installed properly. If the window is not installed correctly, the window may become crooked after a period of use. If it is a regular rectangular window, you can directly measure the diagonal of the window, the length of the two lines must be the same. If it is a circular window, you need to use a horizontal ruler, the bubble in the middle of the ruler indicates that the window is positive. If it is a tilted window, you need to use a pendant.


4. Apply Styrofoam

After the window is adjusted, you need to apply Styrofoam to fill the gap between the window frame and the wall. After the Styrofoam is cured (it usually takes 2-3 hours, and it takes longer in winter), the excess Styrofoam is cut off.


5. Install Sashes and Other Accessories

After fixing the window frame, next install the window sash and other accessories, pay attention to the installation, and prepare some carbon steel slotted hex head expansion anchors.


6. Apply Sealant

After styrofoam is applied, sealant is evenly spread on the periphery of the window frame to prevent rainwater from seeping into the room through the installation gaps between the window and the wall.



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