How to install shower room with plastic anchors?

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How to install shower room with plastic anchors?

How to install shower room with plastic anchors?

In recent years, decoration of light luxury style is more and more popular. Many families choose to install a shower room at home. But for decoration workers, installing shower room is a complicated thing. If there is an error in the installation process of the shower room, water will flow from the shower room to the toilet. Therefore, when installing the shower room, be sure to use good quality durable widely plastic wall anchors to prevent water from penetrating into the outside through the holes in the wall.



Preparation before Installation of Shower Room

Before you install the shower room, you need to prepare some materials and tools. The materials to be prepared include frame, tempered glass, door handle and pulley. In the installation process  of shower room, you need to use a lot of tools. The tools needed to install the shower room are tape measure, pencil, electric drill, hammer, electric screwdriver, glass glue, manual screw driver, wire pliers, etc.



Steps for Installing Shower Room

After you have all the tools and materials ready, you can start installing the shower room. First you need to install the frame. Before installing the frame, you need to determine the installation position and mark the installation position on the wall. After that, you need to use an electric drill to drill shallow holes in the wall. These holes are used as markers. If the positions of the holes are accurate, the electric drill can be used to deepen the holes.


After drilling holes in the wall, you can install plastic nylon wall anchor bolts into the holes. You need to hammer plastic wall anchor with fixing nail into the hole with a hammer. After the above steps are completed, you can install the shower room frame. You need to use an electric screwdriver to screw plastic nylon drywall anchor bolts into the wall to hold the frame in place.


After that, you need to install the glass of shower room. Place the glass to be installed in a suitable position and fix the bottom of the glass.


After installing the glass, you can start to install the top frame of the shower room. Before installation, it is necessary to use an electric drill to drill holes on the wall to determine the installation position of the top frame. After that, install the top frame with colored plastic conical anchor 6mm and custom promotional high precision plastic wall plug anchors.


After installing the top frame, you can start to install the glass door of the shower room. Electric drills, metric plastic nylon ceiling anchors and hollow plastic wall plug anchor screws are also required to install glass doors. When installing the glass door, it is necessary to ensure that the glass door can slide smoothly in the track. Finally, you need to apply glass glue to the gap between the frame and the wall. Glass glue can fill these gaps and prevent water from flowing out.


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