How to create a perfect pet room with toggle bolts?

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How to create a perfect pet room with toggle bolts?

How to create a perfect pet room using toggle bolts?


As a member of our family, pets also need their own space for rest and activities. It's not hard to do this, because you can create a clean, practical and interesting space for your pet by making simple changes to your spare room, including laying wallpaper, fixing toys with small toggle bolts and hanging decorations. Here are some tips for designing or decorating a home pet.


1. Precautions of designing a home pet


In order to prevent the harm caused by wagging tail or running wildly when pets are excited, it is better not to put too many things on the ground of pet room. The decoration should be hung on the wall with spring toggle bolts and you can also add several sealed lockers on the wall to store some pet products, such as dog chains or dog food.


2. Consider pets needs


Pets, like people, also need some exercise to avoid boring life, so you should prepare some places for them to climb and relax. Put toys for pets to climb and fix them with stainless toggle bolts in a room with windows.


3. Wall material


Do not use wallpaper for the wall materials in the pet room. Although the wallpaper is suitable for laying in the pet room because of its beautiful appearance and rich patterns, it will bring you a lot of troubles later because pets will have the habit of scratching or urinating at will. You should know that the two most harmful things to wallpaper are water and damage, so it is suggested that pet room can brush some waterproof and 0 formaldehyde paint, which is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean and maintain in the future.


4. Have windows


Besides taking a bath and cleaning them regularly, it is also very important to open windows and ventilate for the pet room. Therefore, it is best to choose a room with windows when choosing a room for pets, which is convenient to open the window for ventilation and let the pet see the world outside the window. In addition, it can relieve their boredom and let them bask in the sun.


5. Floor materials


If you have a cat or dog in your home, you should know that choosing a good floor material is crucial. If you have pets or friends planning to keep pets, it is suggested that you should choose non-slip and clean floor materials. The solid wood floor should choose some of the hardness, in order to avoid pets in running on the floor left scratch.


6. Color scheme


Hair is everywhere your pet goes, so a trick to reduce hair loss on furniture and floors is to choose colors similar to your pet's fur on the wall or floor.


7. Pet bed


If you want to keep pets away from the beautiful furniture in your home, you can consider assembling a pet bed or cushion with snap toggle bolts. Giving your cat or dog a place to rest can reduce the number of times your pet often touches your sofa or chair.


8. Toy storage room


Just like a children's play area, a pet's room also needs a lot of storage space. Decorative boxes and baskets are arranged in a fun and stylish way to avoid clutter on the ground and prevent pets from eating plastic or chemicals.


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