How to Use Toggle Bolt on Hollow Bricks?

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How to Use Toggle Bolt on Hollow Bricks?

How to Use Toggle Bolt on Hollow Bricks?

It is not recommended that you install M8 lag screw shield anchors on hollow bricks, because the bearing capacity of hollow bricks only includes the external plastering layer. The force is very small, so hanging heavy things will fall down. If the expansion bolt is fixed on the hollow brick, it may damage the wall, which will directly crack the wall in this part.


Function Principle of Toggle Bolt


After the zinc plated double expansion anchors is fixed into the wall, the outer casing needs to be in close contact with the hole we drilled. The sleeve is pulled out by fastening the screw outside the slotted hex head wall board anchors. Finally, after the expansion effect is realized, it can be closely connected with the wall to carry heavy objects.


Expansion is from the inside to the outside, but there is no effect after expansion because the hollow brick is basically empty. Due to the failure of effective contact with the surrounding surface, the slotted hex head stud anchor loses its expansion function.


Effective Method of Fixing Toggle Bolt on Hollow Brick Wall


The first method is to chisel holes in the tie-wire heavy duty shield anchors and then use concrete to fill them. You need to change this position into a concrete wall and install toggle bolts in it so that you can hang heavy loads without problems.


The second method is to remove the hollow bricks in the area where flat mushroom M10 mechanical anchors need to be fixed and replace them with red bricks for re masonry. After the masonry is completed, the mechanical anchors can be fixed on the red brick wall.


Application of Tension Blasting Bolt in Hollow Brick


There is also a connection with the wall called tension bolt. The main difference between the tension bolt and the expansion bolt is that the middle part of the bolt is expanded and the expanded area is very large. In this way, it can be effectively connected with the opening to achieve a certain fixed effect. Therefore, if we want to hang some light things on the hollow brick wall of our home, such as hanging a TV, we can adopt the method of installing the tension bolts.


If you need to install heavier things on the wall, such as the most common savings type electric water heater in our house, we must use the above two methods. Fix the flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchor after the wall is handled, otherwise problems will occur or the weight may fall down. In addition, the flat mushroom M10 toggle bolts we install are not universal, they all have their own load capacity requirements. We must consult professional manufacturers and do not hang heavy things at will.


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