How to Use Bolts in Hole Drilling?

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How to Use Bolts in Hole Drilling?

How to Use Bolts in Hole Drilling?

Generally speaking, there will be many thorny problems in the process of home decoration, such as drilling some holes in the ceramic tiles at home and installing some small supports with M8 lag screw shield anchors. If you have no experience, it is easy to break the tiles. Although you can buy it again, the color of the replenishment may not be exactly the same as before. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to drill holes on ceramic tiles. In addition, do you know how zinc plated double expansion anchors are used to drill holes in ceramic tiles?


Tools for Drilling Holes in Ceramic Tiles


(1) Speed regulating electric hammer. It is recommended to use adjustable speed electric hammer for drilling wall and floor tiles, because it can ensure that the tiles are not broken if it is used properly. At the beginning, adjust the speed regulating hammer to low speed until the tiles are drilled and then speed up the driving.


(2) Ordinary electric drill. If there is no adjustable speed hammer at home, the ordinary electric hammer is enough. I suggest that you make a small hole with an electric hammer drill at the drilling position at first and then drill through the tiles with an electric drill. The purpose of this is to prevent the bit from slipping on the tile surface. Because the drill bit of ordinary electric hammer can be pulled out half, so there is a simple method that the electric hammer does not touch the tail of the drill bit. In this way, the hammer will not impact on the wall, so it can ensure that the ceramic tile is not broken.


(3) Glass drill bit. Both the ordinary drill and the electric drill are suitable for general strength. If it is vitrified brick or high density ceramic tile, the above method is not very common. At this time, you can use a glass drill to punch through the ceramic tile at the drilling position and then use an electric hammer to drive in. However, it should be noted that the glass bit must be stained with water.


How to Punch Holes in Ceramic Tiles?


The specific steps of ceramic tile drilling are as follows.


At first, mark the position of the tile to be drilled with a marker and stick the sealing tape.

Use a hammer to mark a small spot with a diameter of 2-3mm at the mark to remove the enamel on the surface of the ceramic tile.

Select the right impact bit, install the impact hammer and vertically align the impact point to give appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer.

After drilling, select appropriate expansion pipe to embed and fix the required installation items with slotted hex head wedge anchors.


Precautions for Drilling Holes in Ceramic Tiles


If the slotted hex head stud anchor is to be used to fix the object, it is necessary to select the required impact hammer bit according to the required tie-wire heavy duty shield anchor size. The required drill diameter is generally 2mm larger than the nominal diameter of the flat mushroom mechanical anchor. If it is necessary to drill a hole larger than 10 mm in the tile, it is recommended that the novice should drill holes and fix mushroom M10 toggle bolts twice to ensure that the tile will not crack by considering its difficulty.


Punching point and sealing glue are also very important precautions, which can effectively prevent the glaze on the surface of ceramic tile from cracking and falling. In addition, it can also effectively prevent the drill bit from escaping the required drilling position and scratching the ceramic tile glaze due to the unstable holding of the drill.


It is very difficult for many people to punch holes in ceramic tiles, but inexperienced novices can also make holes in the tiles with the above tricks. In addition, flat mushroom M10 drop-in anchors and other accessories must remember to buy from professional dealers.

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