How to Optimize Cables with Cable Clips?

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How to Optimize Cables with Cable Clips?

How to Optimize Cables with Cable Clips?

I believe that many housewives will worry about the messy wires lying on the floor of the living room and study room, because it is not only messy and ugly, but also seriously affects the cleaning. In fact, there are still some ways to store wires, such as using M6 tie-wire cable clips, which can be used to say goodbye to the trouble of disorderly wiring and to find a clean home environment again.


Storage Source of Messy Wires


Most of the time, the source of messy wires is the socket. All kinds of lines from the socket, including charger, router and power cord, etc. Moreover, the lines cannot be separated as time goes on. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the plug of power supply to prevent the occurrence of disordered wires.


As long as we buy a storage box on the Internet and put the socket and plug in it, we can solve the problem of wire clutter from the source easily and it is also convenient to clean the house. If you really don't want to buy online, you can also do a simple DIY storage box with your own cardboard box or shoe box. It's easy to do this by digging out two small holes on both sides of the carton and putting the socket and plug wire in.


Storage Line Body of Messy Wires


Although the socket problem has been solved, exposed wires also need to be taken seriously. Tangled wires not only affect the beauty, but also easy to hook feet on the floor, so as to cause safety accidents. Similarly, you can select the M6 plastic anchor bolt on the Internet and store several wires in it. The advantage of carbon steel M6 cable clip is that it is beautiful and space saving, which can be put in the back of TV cabinet and desktop computer.


Storage Thread of Messy Wires


Do not ignore the ends of all kinds of lines, because it is the most easily uncomfortable place in the home. You can buy a fixed slotted hex head M6 cable clip online and put it by the sofa in the living room, at the head of the bed and at the desk.


Wire on Wall


At home, there are often socket wiring or cable to other places. If the wires are placed on the floor at random, a little carelessness may lead to stepping or kicking when walking. You can buy slotted hex head M6 plastic hollow wall anchors to fix the line to the wall or cabinet. What's more, it's worth noting that this kind of flat mushroom M6 cable clip has snap type and its operation is simple and practical. The telephone line, network cable and data line in the home are all necessary items, so we need to use the flat mushroom M6 plastic anchor bolt to solve the messy problem. More than that, the tie-wire M6 plastic anchor bolt can also change the rigid decoration style of the home and play the role of decoration and beautification instantly.

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