How to Know the Quality of Cable Clips?

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How to Know the Quality of Cable Clips?

How to Know the Quality of Cable Clips?

Cable clip is a kind of plastic products, which is injection molded with PE material and has the characteristics of high elasticity, impact resistance and no fracture. The wire can be fixed by placing the wire in the clip and nailing the M8 tie-wire cable clip on the wall with a hammer.


Cable Clips


Slotted hex head cable clip belongs to khaki fabric. If the warp direction is thread and the weft direction is yarn, it is called half cable clips; if both longitude and weft are threads rather than yarns, they are called full cable clips. The twill direction of half cable clips and full cable clips is right oblique, which is the biggest difference with gauze card.


Skirting Board


Skirting board, also known as anchor line, is an important structural node at the intersection of floor and wall. On the one hand, the skirting board has a protective effect, which can be used to cover the joints between the floor and the wall and can make the connection between the wall and the ground firm, so as to reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid the damage caused by external force collision. On the other hand, the skirting board has decorative function. In home decoration design, waist line and skirting line play a visual balance role. Skirting board is an essential decorative material in home decoration, which can cover the ground seam and improve the overall sense of floor decoration. In addition, it can protect the corner and ensure the normal use of wall materials.




Putty, also known as filling mud, is a decorative material and a thick paste coating for leveling wall surface. It is an essential product before painting, which is often applied on the primer or directly on the object to remove the uneven defects on the surface of the coating. Putty is made up of a small amount of paint base, additives, fillers and proper amount of coloring pigments. Because it can fill the working surface with local depression and can be scraped off on the whole surface, it is usually applied to the surface of primer layer after the primer layer is dry.


Which Kind of Nail Can Be Easily Hammered into the Wall?

The small nails on the flat mushroom M8 cable clips can be installed with a hammer easily. If the wires in your house are surface mounted, you need to pay attention to the following points.

If it is a common skirting board, you can remove the skirting board and only need a little force, which can hide some wires in the skirting board and fix it with M8 plastic toggle bolts.

Try to install the wire in the corner and inside corner, which will be inconspicuous, not easy to touch and beautiful.

The spacing between slotted hex head plastic hollow wall anchors is generally 50cm, because there is a putty layer of about 10mm above the wall and a cement layer or plaster layer of about 30mm below the putty layer. It's worth noting that the pins on the tie-wire plastic toggle bolt are plastic rather than iron.

You can buy both large and small models of flat mushroom nylon wall anchors and use them according to the actual situation.

During construction, a flat mushroom M8 plastic toggle bolt should be fixed at the corner to keep it firm. If it is a snap type, you can install and remove it by hand.

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