How to Install the dry hanging marble with toggle bolts?

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How to Install the dry hanging marble with toggle bolts?

How to Install the dry hanging marble with toggle bolts?

Dry hanging stone is a new construction technology in the wall decoration at present, which is to hang the facing stone directly on the wall or hang it on the steel frame. Do you know the installation process of using slotted hex head lag screw shield anchors to dry hang marble technology? Here is a detailed description of it.


1. Process Flow


The technological process of dry hanging stone mainly includes cleaning the structural surface, drilling holes, brushing glue on the back, pouring M20 cement mortar, inserting fixing bolts, inlaying stainless steel fasteners, temporarily fixing the upper wall panel and drilling flat mushroom double expansion anchors and panel joint sealant.


2. Stone Preparation


First of all, the color of stone is selected and classified by colorimetry and the color of stone installed on the same side should be consistent. According to the design size and drawing requirements, the special mold is fixed on the bench drill and the stone is drilled.


3. Grass Roots Preparation


When cleaning the surface of the stone structure, it is necessary to straighten, square, find rules and snap lines. According to the design drawings and actual needs, you need to pop up the location line of the stone and the carbon steel M10 carbon steel M10 drop-in anchor.


4. Hanging Line


Before stone installation, the vertical control line shall be drawn with theodolite in advance, so as to check the accuracy of vertical hanging line at any time and ensure the smooth installation. The upper end of the vertical hanging line is hung on the special angle steel frame and the angle steel frame is fixed on the top of the large angle of the building with flat mushroom M10 wedge anchors. Attention should be paid to protection and regular inspection.


5. Bottom Decoration Panel Support


Support the preprocessed support on the bottom stone slab to be installed and the support shall be firmly supported. After the support is installed, a 50 mm thick wood plate shall be fixed along the support direction and the board shall be flat to ensure that the upper and lower parts of the stone are in the same horizontal plane.


6. Drill Holes in the Enclosure and Fix Expansion Bolts


If the reinforcement in the structure is encountered during drilling, the hole can be moved horizontally or raised upward. The hole forming requirement should be vertical to the structure surface and the dust in the hole should be cleaned to place the flat mushroom M8 stud anchor. It is better to install all the required carbon steel heavy duty shield anchors in place.


7. Stainless Steel Inlaid Fastener


Fix the angle steel and flat steel plate with the specified carbon steel M10 mechanic anchor and adjust the position of the flat steel plate so that the small hole of it is aligned with the insertion hole of the stone plate. What you should remember is that the slotted hex head M8 toggle bolt must be fixed according to the construction specification.


8. Installation of Bottom Slab


After the installation of the side connecting iron parts, a piece on the corner of the bottom panel can be put in place. The method is to temporarily fix the connecting iron parts with a clamp and readjust the panel after inserting the fixing steel needle.


9. Apply Glue


Pour the 1 ∶ 1.5 white cement epoxy resin into the curing agent and mix it with a small stick. Then insert the 40mm long connecting steel needle through the small hole on the plate.


10. Fixed Adjustment


After the panel is temporarily fixed, the levelness shall be adjusted. If the plate surface is not smooth, the corresponding double stranded copper wire pad can be padded at the bottom of the plate or the verticality can be adjusted.


11. Top Panel Installation


The lifting point can be set on the connecting iron piece and the lead wire can be used to hang the wood. After the wooden strips are hoisted, polystyrene board is placed in the gap between the stone slab and the wall surface to prevent grout leakage during grouting.


12. Caulking


the elastic backing strip is embedded in the gap between the marble slabs and the backing strip can also be cut into 10 mm wide strips with 8 mm thick high connected foam sheet. Then use the caulking gun to put the neutral silica gel into the seam and apply the glue evenly.


13. Cleaning of Marble and Granite Surfaces


Remove the stain strips on the surface of marble and wipe the slate with cotton wool. If there is glue or other firmly bonded debris, you can gently remove it with a knife and wipe it clean with cotton wool dipped in acetone.

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