How to Install the Tissue Holder with Conical Plastic Screw Anchors?

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How to Install the Tissue Holder with Conical Plastic Screw Anchors?

How to Install the Tissue Holder with Conical Plastic Screw Anchors?

Toilet paper holder is one of the indispensable hardware in bathroom. Many people think that toilet paper holder installation is just hanging on the wall, which is not the case. Although it is just a small bathroom hardware, but it still need to consider a lot of details. It is inconvenient to install too high or too low, so you should determine the installation height of toilet paper holder and slotted hex head conical plastic screw anchors reasonably.


What Is the Size of the Tissue Holder?


The general size of tissue holder in public toilet is 30cm * 40cm, which can fit large roll paper. If the tissue holder used in public toilets is small, it will often face the problem of paper shortage, resulting in increased workload. The general size of household toilet paper holder is 30cm*16cm*6cm, which can effectively place household small roll paper without waste. If you put a toilet paper holder as big as a public toilet in your home, it is certainly not beautiful.


Installation Height of Toilet Paper Holder


The installation height of tissue holder is about 760 mm and the distance from toilet is generally about 300 mm. Choosing a suitable tissue holder is a very important thing and has a more important impact on the future use.


How to Install Tissue Holder?


The materials needed to install the paper holder are including M6 conical plastic screw anchors, base, fixing screw, small hexagon wrench, punching machine, tape measure and hammer. The installation steps are as follows.


1) Select the installation point. Select the ideal paper holder mounting point and mark it. In order to achieve the best effect, please avoid installing on the wall column;

2) Mark the position of M6 tie-wire plastic conical anchor. Mark the hole position corresponding to the base on the installation point;

3) Drilling. Drill holes on the mark of screw hole;

4) Base installation. Insert the slotted hex head plastic conical anchor into the hole and fix the base of the paper holder with screws;

5) Main body installation. Put the pendant on the base of the paper holder and tighten the screws.


Some paper holders use suction cups to install, but you must buy a good quality suction cup, otherwise it is easy to fall off. Defective products will not only cause damage to toilet cartons, but also easily cause paper waste. Of course, you can also use the hook as mentioned above. The last method is to use glue to stick the paper holder on the wall, which is the most direct method.


Notes on Tissue Holder Installation


1) Waterproof design should be paid attention to when installing paper frame with flat mushroom conical plastic screw anchors. Try to keep away from the objects that are prone to water splashing, so as to keep the paper free from moisture;

2) There should be an elastic and retractable central shaft on the paper holder that installed with flat mushroom plastic conical anchors;

3) Pay attention to the height and position of the paper holder. Choose a reasonable height and position to install the paper holder with tie-wire plastic conical anchors can bring you convenience;

4) If the installed paper holder and flat mushroom M8 toggle bolts are made of plastic, it is necessary to avoid damage to the plastic paper holder due to too much force;

5) The installed paper holder usually needs to be cleaned and maintained.

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