How to Install the Iron Flower Rack with Metal Anchor Bolts?

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How to Install the Iron Flower Rack with Metal Anchor Bolts?

How to Install the Iron Flower Rack with Metal Anchor Bolts?

The fence flower rack in other people's home always makes an impression to them, so they have to think about whether they should install the same flower racks with tie-wire metal anchor bolt in their own home. Balcony guardrail flower rack has many kinds of materials and we mainly introduce the installation method of some iron guardrail flower racks with slotted hex head metal anchor bolts.


Installation Steps of Iron Railings


Install the First Column

Fix the steel base on the ground with slotted hex head M6 metal anchor bolts and fix the connectors on the K120 column with 4.8 * 35 screws, which is set into the steel base. The inner cavity of the profile needs to be notched so that the internal connectors can be installed flush and all parts need to be assembled and integrated.


Install the Second Column

After the column is set into the steel base, the internal connectors on the column are assembled with the beam and then the flat mushroom metal anchor bolts fixed on the steel base are tightened. The K120 and steel base are fixed with flat mushroom M8 wall anchors on the rear side of the column to reduce shaking.


Installation of Wood Plastic Cap

Align the corresponding inner hole position on the column and tap gently with a hammer. If further reinforcement is required, it can be fixed with a slotted hex head wall anchor from the outside of the column.


Advantages of Iron Railings


Iron railings are usually made of steel, such as round steel pipe, square steel pipe or profiled steel plate.

The surface treatment process is generally full-automatic electrostatic powder spraying or spray painting.

The surface treatment of outdoor anti-collision iron railings uses waterproof materials, so the appearance is beautiful and not easy to rust.

The columns of the iron railings are fixed with the ground by slotted hex head M6 toggle bolts or slotted hex head M6 wall anchors, which are usually installed on both sides of the logistics channel, the periphery of the production equipment, the corner of the building wall, both sides of the door and the edge of the cargo platform.


Process Steps of Iron Flower Shelf Production

First of all, choose your favorite iron flower rack style and try to be able to sketch out the style you like. Then design their favorite iron flower rack style and draw the relevant sketch.


Art related to the design of the original material according to the pattern. It is worth reminding everyone that the choice of raw materials for iron flower racks should not be too hard and we must choose raw materials with different degrees of toughness.


As the most important and simple production process of iron flower rack installation, welding also needs to be taken seriously. After preparing the relevant raw materials according to the designed flower rack size, you can carry out welding work according to the design on the relevant drawings.


Painting is the last step in the iron flower rack. There are a lot of paints on iron flower racks on the market and it is generally recommended that you choose plain color paint, silver paint and the most common metallic paint.


There will be different degrees of smell after spraying the paint, so you need to place the iron flower rack in a ventilated and dry place. After the flavor is completely volatilized, the iron flower rack can be used normally.

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