How to Install the Full-Length Mirror?

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How to Install the Full-Length Mirror?

How to Install the Full-Length Mirror?

The mirror is an object that we use every day, through which we can see our elaborate dressing. Many modern families will choose to use full-length mirror. Do you know how to install full-length mirror with toggle bolts for metal studs?


The Method of Full-Length Mirror Installation


The full-length mirror used in family is usually fixed by slotted hex head toggle bolts. Here are the steps to install the full-length mirror with zinc plated wall board anchors:


1. Wall Treatment

The wall of full-length mirror should be flat, without bulging and uneven phenomenon. If the wall flatness is good, it can be directly used for installation. Otherwise, cement mortar can be used (the effect is better if proper amount of moisture-proof powder can be added).


2. Drilling

Each decorative glass mirror needs to drill four holes for installation and fixation. The holes should be evenly distributed and not distributed on the edge of the mirror to prevent cracking. At present, the fixed decorative glass mirror on the market has generally been drilled and the non-shaped glass mirror can be drilled in the professional processing point. Draw a line on the wall about the installation position of the glass mirror and then place the decorative mirror in the corresponding position of the wall. Mark the corresponding hole position of the flat mushroom M10 hollow wall toggle bolt on the wall through the hole on the glass mirror and use the electric drill or hammer to punch the hole on the wall after removing the mirror. The hole diameter should be determined according to the size of the selected slotted hex head stainless toggle bolt, generally less than 3 mm of the tie-wire plastic hollow wall anchor end diameter.


3. Pad Material

In order to prevent the glass mirror from being damaged due to the uneven base, a layer of cushion material should be laid between the mirror and the wall. It is better to choose the elastomer of thin felt or sponge board and it needs to be fixed on the wall with opal glue. The size of gasket material should be less than 10 ~ 15mm of glass, so that the mirror can be sealed with caulking paste after installation.


4. Paste Protective Layer

A layer of Kraft paper protective layer should be pasted on the back of glass mirror before installation. Brush a layer of opal glue on the back of the glass mirror and then paste a piece of Kraft paper on the back of the mirror. After scraping with plastic plate, embed the carbon steel plastic toggle anchor in the drilled hole and align the mirror with the hole. Finally, fix it with flat mushroom drywall toggle bolts until the glass mirror is stable without shaking.


5. Caulking Paste

In order to prevent moisture intrusion behind the mirror and affect the service life and quality of the mirror, the gap between the mirror and the wall should be filled with caulking paste after the surrounding glass is installed and fixed.


What is the Size of the Full-Length Mirror?


The full-length mirror is placed vertically and tilted. If you choose the full-length mirror is placed vertically, its height that half of the human body can reflect the whole body. But if you choose a tilted mirror and need to be provided to a family, the height needs to be decided by the height of the tall person in the family. In general, the width of the mirror size will be selected in 45 to 1250px. Choose the size of the mirror easily to let you go out with confidence every day.

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